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Hello to all addisson's,

I am not a doctor, but I too had some trouble 'holding my water' for long when on the dosages of prednisone and florinef that the docs first put me on........then I quit 4 docs in a row, who went by the "book" as far as meds this time I was in trouble with weight gains, mood swings, mostly depressions and anger combined, also diarrea, severe super painful muscle, mostly hamstring, cramping, severe arm and back name it I had it!

Insomnia also was bad.......


which as a kung-fu instructor, struck me as the way to go.....naturalpath docs were saying that the drug prdnisone or any cort drug-----are worse for you than the symptoms of the disease addissons.

Finally after a slow and monitored retreat from the very high recommended PDR dosages.......I finally have gone with ONE 5MG prednisone and ONE 0.1 florinef daily in the am.....nothing after that.

I instantly dropped 50+ pounds of water retention weight around my stomach.
No muscle cramping.
no depression or mood swings.

ALL GONE, goodbye and good riddance!

One of my old DOCS was so pissed off that I 'dared' to question him, russian male ego problem here, that he laughed when I told him my good results, saying" YOU WILL WIND UP WITH AN ADRENAL CRISIS IN THE HOSPITAL IN 2 WEEKS!"

That was over 12 years ago now........

I just had my blood work done and my levels are "PERFECT" thin bones, no mood swings......

AND for you and YOUR question:

NO PEE/DIARREA PROBLEMS......all gone for 12 years.......GONE.

So please anyone out there, challenge your doctors "wisdom" and PDR influenced advise, though docs almost always (except the angry russian endo from Northridge's county hospital) mean well for the patient, it is just that this disease addisson's is not on the charts for new research, it is not a palgue, or killing thousands like many other worse off diseased folks.

It is a simple disease that is fortunately controlled by daily meds.......lessen the meds and up them if you have a sporting event planned or if it is over 90 degrees and you will be very active, THEN I reccommend upping the dose to prevent loss of cortef through sweating and heat.

Hopefully this advise will help you from an older addisson's person.

Lessen the meds daily and you will have no future problems.

Bagua Blake:jester: :bouncing:

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