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:eek: [QUOTE=ktp812;2997893]Hey Sarah
The doctor switched me off the biaxin because I was having the bad metal taste 24/7 and couldn't stand it. I called and asked if there was something else I could take instead and he said ketek. I know it is bad for the liver but I knew the risk and what signs to look for if trouble was coming. It was at my request the meds were switched.
He told me the sore throat is from the abx killing the bacteria. I asked him again last visit. I agree that I don't think I should have had it this long either. It can't be good for my body to endure this on top of everything else. I do 100 percent believe it is caused from the abx because it began 5 days after I started taking them and I hadn't had a sore throat in about 5 years. I still think I have a co-infection though. My first symptoms were high fever 103-chills, worse headache ever, backache, muscle pain and the following day joint pain. I don't want to go on IV if I have a co-infection because then it won't make a difference. It is nice having a pharmacist in the family. I always ask him his opinion on what I am taking. He does agree with the cortef. He knows what it has been like for me the past 2 years and said if it would help then I should try it. Anyway, I woke up this morning with the bad sore throat now I am sweating and having the chills much more than before. I don't know what is going on with me. I will give the doctor a week and then give him a call. I will post over on the lyme board since this has more to do with that than cortef. Thanks again as I really appreciate hearing your opinions on all this stuff.

Kim, I understand about the metal taste. I just deal with it. My husband was complaining about it while he was on Biaxin too. My son doesn't notice it at all. The Biaxin & plaq. has done such wonders for my son, I haven't heard any success stories as good as his, he was infected for 6 years and was pretty sick. don't know if it's the Biaxin or the plaq. which has made such a big improvement. Like I said before I was put on the plaq. for a year by Rheumi and went into remission for 2 years, just by taking the plaq. But while in remission my adrenals were getting worse. But that is probably because I owned a bus. with 2 cops who insisted that we live off coffee, doughnuts, pizza and Dr. Pepper. We always ate at our shop, and that was our main diet, plus we owned a screen printing bus. and were subjecting ourselves to toxic fumes constantly. And working 12-15 hours a day during peak season. This would be exhausting to anyone.
Have you been tested for Babesia by Igenex? You have the main symptoms, I would check into that. And there are different strains for different regions of the country, so make sure you test for the right one. this was the mistake my doc. made he tested using Quest, which only tests one strain. I need to be tested for the WA-1 because I am from the West Coast and possibly picked it up when I got the tick infestation in 89 in WA ST. They did test me for lonestari, which is a Texas co-infection. We have to be responsible for our own testing to make sure that we are tested for the correct co-infections, we should be getting 1/2 off on our bills for all the research and work we do for ourselves!! I responded to your post here, so that other people could respond on the Lyme board without just reading my suggestions. I'll bet you that Ticker mentions Babesia too. The more input the better!!:wave: Sarah

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