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Re: Naomi
Jul 14, 2007
I'm glad to hear that your little boy is starting to do better after having had such a hard time.

I did get the growth hormone thankfully, because the upped thyroid alone wasn't starting to address the fatigue issues. I'm also on DHEA now as well as the upped thyroid. I'm starting to feel something from it all but its probably going to take some time. I look forward to having some more energetic days and getting back to some things I used to do and for having more fun with both of my two kids (8 months and 3 years).

I hope they can get your hormone issues adjusted correctly for you. The cortisol thing is really weird, as you say. Perhaps you have more than one thing going on. For instance, maybe the pituitary isn't cranking out the ACTH like you need, but the adrenals have their own problem and on their very own are causing the high cortisol. DId they ever figure out why you have the pituitary issues in the first place?

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