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Night sweats are associated with low cortisol and low thyroid. 15mg/day is definitely on the low side and your symptoms indicate you are too low. If your thyroid is also low then you won't solve your night sweats until you get that under control as well. Both cortisol and thyroid feed off each other and must both be balanced.

Puffy eyes might well be symptoms of sleep apnea which shows up more once your cortisol levels become normal and your tissues rehydrate. Perhaps you are sleeping poorly for several reason and that should be examined rather than assuming that taking less cortisol is the correct route. Hormones are complex things and simple solutions aren't always so easy to find.

It's nice that your endo believes a certain idea, but that is no proof its correct for anybody or you in particular. My experience with endos tells me that their musings should be taken with a very large grain of salt. Personally I have seen 8 endos and all but one of them needed a new line of work when it came to understanding adrenal insufficiency. They were quite willing to pontificate and let me suffer rather than actually do some work to get to the bottom of a complex problem.

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