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[QUOTE=PWH1970;3016266]I was diagnosed with secondary addison's in April after about 3 months of feeling terrible. Among the symptoms that first sent me to my doctor was constant drenching night sweats (every night), drastic weight loss, heart palpitations, and near total fatigue. After many blood draws, ct scans, MRIs, etc. a simple cortisol level test showed me dangerously low in adrenal function and that was confirmed with the ACTH stimulation test. I've been on oral hydrocortisone for about a month and a half and I'm feeling MUCH better, though not great.

My problem is that I'm still experiencing the night sweats -- in fact they're actually getting worse. My endocrinologist no longer thinks it can be related to my adrenal insufficiency since i'm on replacement therapy. Infectious diseases have been ruled out too. Has anybody out there experienced chronic night sweats related to your primary or secondary addison's?

Also, for the past few weeks I've had noticable hand tremors, especially when trying to use a fork. Has anybody experienced that?

Thanks for any input![/QUOTE]

Have you looked into Lyme Disease? Go on the Lyme board and look at the symptoms and post your ? there. The night sweats and tremors are major symptoms of Lyme disease and/or Babesiosis a co-infection of Lyme. There are many of us on the board that have secondary adrenal Insuf. due to Lyme. It destroys the adrenals and the thryroid. And causes alot of neurological problems. Sincerely, Sarah
I have Lyme Disease with secondary adrenal insufficiency. I suffered for 2 long years before I found a doctor who recongized what was wrong with me. I also had night sweats and hand tremors. Both have disappeared since starting on the cortef and synthroid. I am currently taking 20 mg cortef at 5mg 4 times a day. It has taken almost 10 weeks but I am finally feeling a little less exhausted. He started me on the low end and worked up to 20. I actually think I might need more but don't think he wants to go any higher.
[QUOTE=PWH1970;3019062]I'm not sure that Lymes Disease is the answer for me, as I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and it's my understanding that Lymes affects the adrenals themselves, no?

I'm taking 15 mg hydrocortisone a day (10 mg upon waking, 5 mg at 4:00). My endocrinologist believes the lowest effective dose is the way to go. If i take more, my eyes get really puffy. Has anybody else experienced that?[/QUOTE]

The adrenal insuf. is secondary if caused by Lyme disease. Lyme has a neg. effect on adrenals and thyroid, and many other body systems, it is called the great imitator, because it imitates so many diseases and syndroms. It is the fasted growing disease in the country, even above HIV. I would still look into it if I were you, it is a very disabling disease, that can destroy every system in your body, and most people who get it are not diag. for years and end up with neurological problems. Babesiosis is a co-infection that causes night sweats and tremors also. I am also taking Cortef and pregneneolone for AI, but my nights sweats went away before I started taking the Cortef, they went away when I started taking Wobenzym N. My endo said this is an excellent enzymatic supp. to take with hormone replacement and Lyme therapy. before taking this I had the night sweats every night horribly. I haven't had them in over a month. You could ask your doc about this supp. There is quite a bit of pos. info online about it helping improve energy levels too. What has your doc said is your main diag. since the adrenal ins. is secondary, what caused it? Sarah:wave:

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