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I can't tell you how happy to know there there are other people that were as sick as I was.
I was hospitalized in September 07 because I couldn't keep food down for three days and I could barely walk. then in december 07, my doctor put my in the hospital. We knew I had to get there, so she said the reason was dehydration. But by that point, I couldn't stand for a minute, I'd be crawling up stairs then resting because of exhaustion, my blood pressure was 50/40, I wasn't eating much if anything. The hospital loaded my with sodium for about a week. The worst part was that the hospital was so over crowded that i spend a day in the hallway (2 different ones.... they moved me), 4 days in a holding room waiting for a room then back into the hallway.
I'm so greatful that they found out what it was, the doctor said I didn't have much time left. Even my mom knew, she'd come in every morning just to be with me. A lot of us thought this was it.
I'm sure a lot of you can relate, I'm just so happy that there's other people with this. It sucks, but is comforting

[QUOTE=Diane44;3023318]I have been diagnosed since February 8th this year. I was sick for a very long time. My story is very similar to those I have read. Months upon months of being sick and going undiagnosed until it is nearly to late. I had no BP and no pulse that the Dr. and nurses could find at my first appt. with a specialist so they called an ambulance to take me to the ER. I spent 3 days in the hospital which isn't long given how sick I was and for how long. I was in crisis and had started to vomit at that time. The Endo. I saw did diagnose me before the ambulance took me away so once in the ER they made quick of fixing me up. I was in the ER for 8 hours. I am so grateful to be feeling better and know that I do not have Firbromyaligia (I never belived I did) nor am I crazy. I really was sick. I feel good now although I tire more quickly than I used to.

I am looking forward to reading the board and learning from others experiences. Making frieds. I feel kind of alone sometimes which I assume is quite normal. I have much family and we are close but no one with this disease that I can relate to and that is the lonely part.[/QUOTE]
Hi all,

I truly enjoy reading what everyone writes, sounds odd I know, but I am glad you are all here. We have all gong through a lot and have similar stories to tell. I am glad that you are all here to help me too. I am going to try diet and exercise again to lose weight. Anyone ever try Hip Hop Abs? Sounds like fun to me so I am going to start there. I like to dance but am really bad at it. I will only be able to do what my arthritis and Addisons let me do. When it hurts too much I have to stop. I really want to lose some weight.

I have never heard of Evista, what is it for? Boy am I happy to hear that you have been on steroids for that long and it has not affected your bones too much. I was a bit worried about my future and how long before it would affect them. My dad was on Prednisone for a few years due to emphazema and he broke his ribs just rolling over in bed. I am on Cortef and florinef but still sterioids to worry about. I also take levothyroxine for thyroid, Clarinex for allergies, alleve for arthristis, Ranitidine to help my stomach with all the other med I take, calcium, fish oil and Dhea as supplements and use Dovenex for my psoriasis. I tell you it is almost impossible to remember to take all those pills at the right time of day! I do it most of the time without missing one but every now and then I forget..............wonder if it is the addisons? ;)

Oleqwilter you are on a lot of Cortef, I am not a Dr but from what I have learned and been told that is too much for your body and will cause more damage in the future. I guess it could be based on weight and I don't know how much you weigh but I have always been told by every Dr I have seen that 20mg a day is plenty. I am on 15. Have you been on that hight a dosage since 1972? If so then you are lucky to have no other side effects. Please do some research on that and talk to your Dr. I would hate for you to be having side effects because the dosage is too high. That would only make things worse.

Kareng45 you have to find a medicine that doesn't make you sick. You will die without it. What meds have you been on? Cortef or Prednisone? Florinef? Florinef is very important if you have low BP and that can make you sick. It might not be the meds that are causing you to be so sick but maybe you are not on the right combination? Karen just keep writing and people will respond, sometimes it takes a while but they do. This is a great place to be when you have Addisons. Sooo much helpful info.

Hope you are all doing well today also. :)
I just recentlly was diagnosed last week. It was hard for me to tell if something was wrong, i was pregnant with what i thought were symptoms of being pregnant.I had dark skin on my face first then at the end it was all over my body, at the end of my pregnancy i was very weak. I delivered my second child, and afterward i was very very tired, the nextday i had a seizure. I have never had a seizure before,after i came home i was becoming weaker and weaker, i walked slow i had no energy. I tried to go back to work after eight weeks, i was to weak. I lost weight at a rapid pace and became weaker by the day.When i went back to work people thought i was anorexic.I am small to begin with so losing weight during pregnacy was bad, but this is much worst. I am down to 96lbs. I just started taking hydrocortisone 15mg in the morning and 10mg at night.I threw up the whole time i was prego and a few times after. now i can keep things down.I still fell tired sometimes,but i just started my medication. I want to go back to work soon i misss all my clients, it's going to be hard to balance.I wanted to know if there is anyone else in california that has this or if anyone had after or during pregnancy?

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