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72 hour fast!
Jun 2, 2007
Hi I have been seen by an endocrinologist now-finally! It went ok but not great. Dispite having alot of the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency (low BMI cant gain weight, hypoglycemia, dizzy spells, anxiety, tiredness, weakness, cold etc...) he seemed to dismiss any thought of adrenal insufficiency etc as my single serum cortisol was in the 'normal' range. I thought that that test was not a definate final answer to adrenal investigation plus the fact that it was done in febuary and im feeling a lot worse with it all now?
Anyway at least he has not given up on me totally, he has requested a 72 hour supervised fast. I was wonering if anybody knows why this is done? What is he looking for? Also how is it done? Please post back, thanks.
Re: 72 hour fast!
Jun 3, 2007
Hi Jenn,
I have been following your posts, because we share some of the same symptoms. I usually post on the thyroid board, but have recently been on the Diabetes board more often due to high and low blood sugar. I too suspect that my many symptoms are related and are caused by an underlying endocrine disorder--either pituitary or adrenal. I went to an endo in February for Hypoglycemia at that time and all my tests came back normal.. though some were in the bottom FT4, Random Cortisol, fasting insulin, etc. You can see my other posts if you have time to read a lot :-) I am planning on returning on 6/22 even though the endo had told me that if my tests came back normal to cancel that appointment--I didn't! My symptoms have also gotten worse since February and now any time I eat food with sugar or any carbs at all, my blood sugar spikes to 200 -350 an hour later than 2 hours later dips down to 70 or below, with all the shakiness, dizziness, etc that goes along with it. Have you taken your blood sugar an hour after you've eaten to see how high it spikes? Also, not to be too personal, but how is your menstrual cycle? Last, I know exactly how you feel about doctors believing it's in your head..I was also told it was anxiety/depression and have been taking anti-depressants for a few years now with minimal results. Take care and I wish you the best of luck :-)

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