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Ok, I was diagnosed with adrenal insuffiency 3 yrs. ago...major symptoms...took a while because of the hypoglycemia..but endo. did acth test...and said I had adrenal insuff. NOW...endo. did an estrodal blood test and said that mine is 7... I am 59 y/o woman..hysterectomy many yrs. ago...took replacement HRT for until 4 yrs. ago... Endo. says that my estrogen level should be about 30..doesn't know why mine is so low...
Ok..research...pituatuary gland is involved with cortisal & estrogen?? (my insuf. was supposedly caused by using prednisone for a few years...)..Could there be another reason for the pituatuary gland to do this-not produce??

Thanks for any replies..


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