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I am wondering if anyone out there with AD is taking DHEA or has tried it?
My Endo recommended I try it but I have yet to do so. I am kind of nervous
about adding more pills to my diet and this one being testosterone.....and me being a female?? Not much research on this etc. What are your thoughts and experiences? Both my hormone levels are both down as well. She didn't tell me a number but said they are well below normal. I have a number of Auto Immune disorders, Addisons, arthritis, thyroid stopped working (15 years ago-been on Levothyroxine for that long), menopause at 40, psoriasis and am waitng on diabetes because my luck seems to go that way and I have a son and two nephews with it. It is hereditary to my family and skips a generation so I shouldn't get it but...............

Also curious about losing weight. Any luck with that? I can't seem to get rid of more than one to two lbs no matter what I try. I exercise a lot and try to eat high fiber and high protien foods and 1500 or less calories a day. It has gotten me no where. Any help?

Thank you in advance. There is so much to learn.....
Have a wonderful day.[/QUOTE]
Diane, Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. My endo also recommended that I take DHEA, but with my Cortef and pregnenolone. I also like you, am afraid to take it. I asked him is it would make my hair fall out and grow hair on my face, and the only reply I got was "not any worse than the cortef will" that was not encouraging! I read that if you are going to take it you should get it from a compounding pharmacy, not buy the OTC products. I have the prescription, but still haven't gotten it filled. I know several other woman that are reluctant to take it also. I haven't decided what to do yet. I have been on the pregn. for 5 weeks and the Cortef for 5 days, I think I will; wait a month and see if I am progressing on those before I jump into the DHEA. if I can get away with not taking it I will stay off it. I am too scared of what it will do. I am already losing my hair in handfuls everytime I wash it. My husband is bald and has a goatie, I don't want us to be twins. I love the look on him, but not myself!!!:eek: I would just keep researching and I guess you'll have to decide whether the benefits outway the risks. did the endo put you on anything else for adrenals? Sarah:wave:

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