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Adrenal Fatigue??
Jun 7, 2007
[B]Hi\I am a 24 year old male and I have been sick for 8 months. I am a Police Officer and now my Career is about to be put on hold. In October 2006 my life started to go upside down. I was standing on a domestic call at work when I suddenly became very dizzy. I began to feel like I couldnt breath very well and had to go home. when I got home I began to get tremors and shake. I went to the emergancy room where I was tested and sent home with no relief. I have been to the Emergancy room a total of 9 times since that night, and has had every test known to man conducted. CT of brain, heart, lungs, ETC. all came back normal. I had the following symptoms: Light headed, dizzyness, shortness of breath, tremors, extreme exhaustion, always tired, heart palpatations, anxiety, and more. I had to take a medical leave from work due to the fact it was unsafe for me and I couldnt function. In a 3 month period I lost 30 pounds! One day I was drinking some tea with honey, I suddenly began to feel light headed and dizzy. My brother, who has a diabetic son mention I looked as if I was going "high." I bought a glucose monitor and found my sugars hitting 195 and 200 off a cup of Mountain Dew! this was rare b/c I would drink soda like water when on Grave yard shift. I went to a Endo who tested me and agreed that my sugar was abnormally high, but my A1C was normal so he said "I believe your becoming a diabetic, come back when your full blown and hitting 200 all the time" I was shocked and very frustrated.

I went to a second Endo who said that was nonsense and started me from scratch. They found some interesting things. Yes my sugars were high, but why? they stated they thought it was due to something else. Well it turns out My Cortisol is low, on two different 8:00 AM test it read at 2.3, they stated it should be 5 or higher. Also they found my testosterone was low as well at 199, they stated it should be 400 or higher. They stated due to low Cortisol, and testosterone, this would explain why my insuline is not breaking the sugars in my body down thus causing it to go high. So great now what??? I have taken a Cortisol stim test to see if I have Addisons but I suspect it will come back stating "normal" so I must figure out the best form of treatment. I tried Andro Gel and Andro derm for the testosterone problem, but those medications made me sick. I went to a Certain "famous" clinic in Scottsdale and saw a Doctor who said "your levels are fine, you have Anxiety" I asked him well if i have Anxiety, couldnt it be a biproduct of another condition? he stated "no" I found this hard to believe and reasearched on my own. I found exstensive creditable sites with very acredited doctors on the subject of Adrenal exhaustion, and its symptoms, which I had almost all of them. one symptom most sites listed was Anxiety! I am very Frustrated and dont know where to turn for help. has any one else had these problems? or heard of such a thing?

Sure, My Symptoms ara as follows;
Shortness of breath
tremors, shakyness
extreme fatigue, exhuastion
light headness, dizzyness
heart palpitations
feelings of anxiety
hyper glycemia with unusual sugar levels after eating, many time very high, in the 200 range. on some ocassion it goes low, and i have an hypoglycemia episode, this has been rare though
rapid weight loss, lost 25 pounds in a manner of 3 months, 168 to 143
lab test show tesosterone of 199, cortisol aroun 2.3,2.9,4, DHEA was low around 260 I believe
feelings of blacking out, or close to blacking out
hope this helps
Hi there!
I have had back pain in the flank/mid back regions for years! I always thought it was muscular/skeletal...I could release some tension if I had someone LIFT me by giving a bear hug (by keeping my arms down and having someone strong wrap their arms around my upper arm/shoulder area in a big bear hug and actually lift me off the ground giving me a few shakes)...then I would hear several pops and feel some relief but it was always short hour or day. I invested in an inversion type piece of equipment so that I could relieve the pressure by hanging upside down. It really doesn't seem to help this area of my back...beneficial for any lower back discomfort that I may be having but not the mid back region. Common sense tells me to see a doctor but I hate going and feeling like I am being blown off. So many times I have seen doctors for different conditions and I feel they do the minimal testing (to cover their behinds:D) and then they give you meds to treat the symptoms and send you on your way. I know they are busy but I want to get to the bottom of the problems not just cover it up. It takes a lot to get me to go to the doctor so when I do go I want to be taken seriously. I have had negative experiences in the past so I have been dragging my feet with this particular problem. I've also noticed flare-ups whenever I carry something heavy like lifting my nephew :jester:etc. I thought my bed may also be a problem as it isn't firm but I am beginning to think I have something more serious going on. :confused:

I was reading some of the posts regarding kidney and adrenal or pituitary problems and found them very interesting. Similar symptoms so I think I will get it checked out. I have a wide variety of symptoms that seem to be getting progressively worse. The other important point is that these symptoms bother my siblings as well, so maybe familial. My biggest complaints are (1)back pain that changes in character...sometimes dull and achy other time warm and throbbing and on occassion a little tingly.(2) Extreme exhaustion and tiredness causing an inability to function fully. I sleep and sleep and sleep and still feel completely wiped out! I feel like Rip Van Winkle... Other symptoms include achyness, tremors/shakiness, anxiety, heart palpitations and pounding, severe sweaty palms and feet, foggy thinking and dizzy spells. I am feeling it may be hormonal or adrenal fatigue...but have had a history of uti's, proteinuria and at one time kidney stones so I will have that followed up as well.

My concern is that I have been taking medications that have helped with a few of my symptoms but in turn has now caused other problems like high blood pressure and (excacerbated the sympathetic nervous system symptoms that I have had since puberty) is hard to know what is really going on? I recently had a full cardiac workup because of my family history...Father died at 58, Brother had heart attack at 42 and other family members had strokes, hypertension and cholesterol issues (large sized HDL). As mentioned earlier, the medication I am taking caused my blood pressure to sky rocket to 200/106...led to headaches and other cardiac symptoms...Now on blood pressure meds. My cardiologist was very proactive which I found refreshing....but with my family history he had reason to be.

Now, when I go to see an endocrinologist etc., I am afraid they are going to poo poo my issues or chock it up to a common reply I have seen in these posts when they are dumb founded...psychiatric problem or fibromyalgia. Others have posted "how unhelpful their endos have been"! What some of the doctors said to these patients is unconscionable...I want someone who will search and research to find some answers...[COLOR="Red"]Does any body know of a good endocrinologist in Southern California?...I am willing to travel a bit, so that I don't have to explain my history and physical over and over to several different doctors that aren't focused on helping to solve the mystery but instead get agitated because they cannot quickly figure out what's wrong and aren't willing to dig a little or ask their colleagues for their opinions[/COLOR]

I appreciate any helpful information you may have including the name of a good endocrinologist and nephrologist !! Thanks a million and blessings to you!

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