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Adrenal Fatigue??
Jun 7, 2007
[B]Hi\I am a 24 year old male and I have been sick for 8 months. I am a Police Officer and now my Career is about to be put on hold. In October 2006 my life started to go upside down. I was standing on a domestic call at work when I suddenly became very dizzy. I began to feel like I couldnt breath very well and had to go home. when I got home I began to get tremors and shake. I went to the emergancy room where I was tested and sent home with no relief. I have been to the Emergancy room a total of 9 times since that night, and has had every test known to man conducted. CT of brain, heart, lungs, ETC. all came back normal. I had the following symptoms: Light headed, dizzyness, shortness of breath, tremors, extreme exhaustion, always tired, heart palpatations, anxiety, and more. I had to take a medical leave from work due to the fact it was unsafe for me and I couldnt function. In a 3 month period I lost 30 pounds! One day I was drinking some tea with honey, I suddenly began to feel light headed and dizzy. My brother, who has a diabetic son mention I looked as if I was going "high." I bought a glucose monitor and found my sugars hitting 195 and 200 off a cup of Mountain Dew! this was rare b/c I would drink soda like water when on Grave yard shift. I went to a Endo who tested me and agreed that my sugar was abnormally high, but my A1C was normal so he said "I believe your becoming a diabetic, come back when your full blown and hitting 200 all the time" I was shocked and very frustrated.

I went to a second Endo who said that was nonsense and started me from scratch. They found some interesting things. Yes my sugars were high, but why? they stated they thought it was due to something else. Well it turns out My Cortisol is low, on two different 8:00 AM test it read at 2.3, they stated it should be 5 or higher. Also they found my testosterone was low as well at 199, they stated it should be 400 or higher. They stated due to low Cortisol, and testosterone, this would explain why my insuline is not breaking the sugars in my body down thus causing it to go high. So great now what??? I have taken a Cortisol stim test to see if I have Addisons but I suspect it will come back stating "normal" so I must figure out the best form of treatment. I tried Andro Gel and Andro derm for the testosterone problem, but those medications made me sick. I went to a Certain "famous" clinic in Scottsdale and saw a Doctor who said "your levels are fine, you have Anxiety" I asked him well if i have Anxiety, couldnt it be a biproduct of another condition? he stated "no" I found this hard to believe and reasearched on my own. I found exstensive creditable sites with very acredited doctors on the subject of Adrenal exhaustion, and its symptoms, which I had almost all of them. one symptom most sites listed was Anxiety! I am very Frustrated and dont know where to turn for help. has any one else had these problems? or heard of such a thing?

Nick, have you looked into taking DHEA? Did they test your DHEA levels when you had your cortisol and Testosterone levels checked, usually it is checked the same time. I also have been told that I am pre-diabetic, I have insulin resistance. All these things were checked at the same time, I have low cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen. My endo has put me on Cortef, pregnenolone and DHEA. I was afraid to take the DHEA at first because I am a woman, and didn't want to end up with a hairy face, but you being a man it is a perfectly safe thing for you to take and it will raise your testosterone levels. There are also things that you can do on your own to help with your dizziness and fatigue, follow a diabetic diet, you don't have to follow it to the tee, but alot of it is helpful. the Mountain Dew must go!! You will end up with diabetes if you continue to drowned your body in this toxic substance, the sugar and caffeine constantly being put into your body is causing your adrenals to work overtime and wearing them down. Also, white flour, sugar, noodles, white rice, it is best to avoid them completely, they are empty carbs. I know it's almost impossible to completely take these things out of your diet, but try to avoid them as much as possible. Eat mostly protein for breakfast, that means NO DOUGHNUTS, no pun intended!! LOL, have a breakfast burrito made with a corn tortilla, or McDonalds has a breakfast platter that is eggs and sausage, you guys get a discount or something right? Just don't eat that hashbrown thing, UHG!! I'm trying to think of things that you can eat while on patrol other than the basic hamburgers and fries. I know how hard it is for police officers to be able to have a good healthy meal. I used to own a graphic design co. with 2 officers, and my brother in-law is a sherrif's deputy. You guys work so hard and spend your lunches and dinners in the car, plus the rotating shifts make things hard too. But all this fast food will just make you worse. If you are put on meds but you don't adjust your diet it will not help you. there are alot of books out there that have info about what should be eaten and what to avoid, one real good book is "adrenal fatigue the 21st century stress syndrome" by James Wilson. Also take probiotics, you possibly have candida overgrowth in you intestinal track from all the Mountain Dew. You can buy this OTC. And when you get up in the morning drink some sea salt water, this will help replenish the sodium that your body loses with the low cortisol. Have you had your thyroid checked? Hope this was of some help. And good luck with everything. Sarah
DIAL - We know how you feel. Many of us suffer for a while before being seen by an endo who listens. Most endo's like to focus on diabetes, and I am shocked by what the first endo told you. How silly! I also started coming down with some diabetic isues at the same time as my adrenals really started going down hill. It's supposedly rarer to have two endocrine glands malfunction at the same time (Schmidt's Syndrome) but from what I have read from this site and another Addison's site, it seems pretty common!

I am quite impressed that your current endo already administered the ACTH stim test. That is wonderful and should be a fabulous tool in discovering what is going on. I suspect that you will find you have an abnormal response, esp since your cortisol is so low to begin with.

Hang in there! What Diane and Sarah have encouraged is wonderful advice. Try to decrease your stress load as much as possible, and get plenty of rest. I can't say enough about the no sugar, flour, and caffiene diet. It kept me going before I was diagnosed and on meds. Salt is also a big must. I must have a cup of chicken broth every morning to keep my head out of the 'fog'. BTW, what were your sodium levels when you went into the ER? Often times they are on the low side with Addison's. They were always on the low side of the normal limits for me pre-diagnosis.

Take care of yourself, and keep us posted!
Hi Chris,
I can't mention brand names here, but i can tell you that it is from the porcine (pig) adrenal gland. I have also tried a bovine (cow) adrenal supplement and it worked just as well but was much more expensive.
Hi guys, thank you very much. I appreciate the effort you all have put in on my behalf. No tickets from me! ;) any way I am going to request to go on reserve, and work part time, Im too sick, and has become unsafe for me. Well my thyroid was tested, and came back normal. also, when I went to the ER my Sodium Chloride was low. My doctor called me today and said [B]congradulations![/B] you dont have addisons disease, it came back normal. " now all we need to do is focus on the tesosterone she says." I dont see how this can be, considering my Corisol was low on two test. Also, my DHCA sulfate is low as well. I have been on a Diabetic diet, but it does little to relieve my symptoms. I am going to see her tomorrow, but I figure were going to hit a wall on agreeing further testing. I have read alot about doctors opinions on the ACTH stim test. it will show a reaction from the Adrenals, but that is it. They are either on or off. The test fails to show how well the glands are funtioning. I have heard alot of positive things about saliva testing due to the fact it is 24 hours. I dont know...I found a Doctor in Seattle who specializes in Adrenal fatigue, and has alot of credentauls. I'm thinking of scraping some money together and making the trip. Insurance wont cover him though, and it will be very expensive.

P.S. One morning I woke up and could barley move. I felt like I had a lump in my throat and had a hard time swallowing. I felt like I couldn't breath that well. I sat up and was very dizzy, foggy and my body felt like I wieghed a 1000 pounds! I just sat there trying to gain my sensus, but had a very difficult time. My wife looked at me and became concerned. She stated my face was very pale. also, My wife has stated my eyes look "glossy" when im not feeling well, and my pupils look big. She took me to the ER.....and of course they sent me home again not knowing the cause. ANY ONE HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THIS???

I get alot of "it's all in your head." The only reason I have found as much as I have so far on my low harmones levels, is due to the fact I refuse to accept that as an answser. I believe you KNOW when somethings not right with your body, and I have been super aggressive with doctors, to the point of near arguements in their office. I have actually had doctors refuse to order test saying "your wasting your time." If I had simply taken one doctors word for it, I would have never found out about my low cortisol, DHEA, and Testosterone. Just a thought for anyone experiencing anything like this. DONT take one doctors word for it.
[QUOTE=cossette2;3038497]Hi Chris,
I don't know if i can mention brand names here, but i suppose i can tell you that it is from the porcine (pig) adrenal gland. I have also tried a bovine (cow) adrenal supplement and it worked just as well but was much more expensive. Mine is a Canadian brand from Calgary Alberta and it is called just simply 'Adrenal'.[/QUOTE]

Hmm.. Anyway you can email me the exact name or where you bought it from online then? I don't see why you couldn't say the brand on here unless theres a rule I'm not familiar with. [email][email protected][/email]. Please email me if you can, thanks.
hi every one im really rather scare d right now after just eating a huge bowl of cheese cake yikes lol i have been having low cortisone results for a while and it was 235 the range being 250 to 850 uk range anyway i had one done at noon or maybe it was 130 and it wa s 100 can you beleive that so im having some salive tests done and i didnt fancy the um dhea is or something like that they wante d to inject stuff inot me and someone said it was weird anyway im getign so tired i have low iron and heavy periods i have been loosing weight and craving sugar just so tired foggy and achey so any info would be appreciated asnd this is the sort of food i eat i have cut up fruit to much on as i like to ahve thsi for when i get peckish i have a pack of crisps at mid morn and babana i have salad and a small tea liek a bit of cheese red meat and sald and then i munch on fruit and bits of figs and cocoanut when hungry i have high blood sugar i will post on the saliva tests when i get them thanks to anyone who can help love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i ahve quiche and does thsi mena aviod whole meal bread or pasta a s thats the type i eat i avoid sugar and coffee so whayt can we eat have you more that i can listen too i hear the white of eggs and i have tuna aswell most days i haer that liqourice is good and siberian gensenge and a good hair vit or multi vit and cod liver oil and vit c have you all have hair loss mine is bad as i have hypothyroidism and im on nearly 75 thyroxine and am on a very low dose of methodone but trying hard to reduce but feel like im withdrawing all the tiem thyroxien strips it out feels like and i have tiredness from the iron meds what can i do could this be from all theese factors but i need help i get so tire d thanksxxxxxxxxxxxxx:wave: ;) :wave:
hey all

I just posted this on another forum, but it may fit in here as well:

"... three years ago I went to a specialist in Pittsburgh P.A. (he was credited as the top endocrinologist in the state) and he told me there was nothing wrong with me, that i was lying about my huge list of symptoms and the only other step was to get therapy. Months later i found Dr. Kerry of the "Advanced Integrative Medicine Center" in Greenville PA who sat me down, looked at my chart and said confidently and kindly: "I'ts ok, we'll get you back to normal." He ran some blood work for my thyroid (which looked low/normal) and the saliva test and diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism and stage 6 Adrenal Fatigue (good thing he caught it because stage 7 has nasty side effects such as... well, death!) I'm positive that DR. Kerry's belief in me and my symptoms saved my life.

i've been in therapy for my adrenals for just over two years, and over that time, i've felt my life slowly returning to normal. i'm still not all the way recovered, but i've come so far as to hope that in another two years i will be able to exercise and hike and live life as a normal girl in her mid 20's (i just turned 22.)

here's Dr. Kerry's office's number. I drive 5 hours to get to his office, but maybe he can direct you to a dr. closer to you. I know that he does seminars about treating adrenal and thyroid problems, so maybe he has some connections.

Greenville office: (724) 588-2600
Portersville office: (724) 368-3558 "

Some Good Links

[url][/url] - this site compares the symptoms of adreanal fatigue and hypothyroidism.

[url][/url] - the 7 stages of adrenal fatigue"

i hope at least some of that is helpful (: You can check out a few of my other posts about adrenal fatigue if you wish.
Your story is very identical to mine, including the recent ''attack" that I experienced last month June, especially with the tightness in my throat area, and have made an appointment with the thyroid specialist, even though my thyroid results with my diabetes doctor came out normal...

All my other test came out normal and now the doctors are saying its Psychosomatic, though my Cortisol level in the afternoon was only 5 which I think needs further evaluation...

I too have the classic symptoms of either a Thyroid disorder or Addison's.

For many years I had the extreme dizziness, and many failed attempts in finding why I was always hungry; I was finally diagnosed with having prediabetes in 2004, yet I have a very athletic build, BMI at 20.7 and only in my early 30's which dumbfounded the doctor when the results were positive. I am now extremely careful with the sugar intake and bad carbs such as white rice and bread, past and pizza.

You mentioned not being able to find the right doctor; its been a nightmare for me since I no longer live in the States. yet I found very reputable site that lists Endo doctors by their speciality, since a thyroid doctor will not be well informed or keen on diagnosing for Addison's: Online there is the "Hormone Foundation" and you can type your zipcode OR navigate to the site and you can find by speciality...

I would recommend that you find a diabetes specialist from the above site as well. Endocrinology is a very complex field, so I strongly recommend you find someone who can advise with your sugar levels properly.

Also there are a few things you can do:

1) Purchase a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor; see if your blood pressure is hitting too low. You can intake salty water or food to raise it.

2) Start a sugar-banishing diet right now, such as the low bad sugar/ carbs diet, to start eliminating the sugar from your system. There's no alternative when weening off sugar and too much bad carbs. There are a few out there, just do a little research on the internet.

3) Any doctor who behaves unprofessionally, as you don't "NEED" further testing, needs to be dealt with accordingly; find a new doctor. It's your health and you have complete control over who you allow to handle your precious body. Don't allow the narcisisstics in the medical profession discourage you or doubt your health concerns, and lastly your life.

4) Eliminate any unnecessary stress-causing factors from your life, since it negatively affects your hormone levels.

Keep us posted and be well.
DIAL/Nick, how are you doing? It's been a month or so. Hope you're still able to hang in there.

Regarding the salt recommendations, let me vote for that too. I still have trouble drinking salt water, so I add it to my food (which I never did for 30 years) and take salt tablets with meals. Along the lines of what earlier posters state, the carbs often call me, and when salt calls me as well, I reach for salty corn chips, etc... which take me into that carb cycle. Salting food and taking the salt tablets helps stem those cravings. I am also taking 0.2mg Florinef and that's taken my AM BP way up to a 108/78 average (still too low for a 6'1" 220# male).

My MD (who is an internist and is very helpful but amateur on the adrenals) ordered hair mineral analysis, and I'll have to say it's right on with testing the minerals pertinent to the adrenals, analyzing levels and ratios and making recommendations. Right now she has me on 40mg cortef (25/10/5), 120mg pregnenolone, 0.2mg florinef and a 2 sprays of sublingual DHEA (we started out lower but slowly and carefully increased as indicated by my response or lack thereof). With all that I wear a MedicAlert tag for Adrenal Insufficiency.

My blood sugar does the same as what you're describing, and it is tied to adrenal function. You can hope along with me that once your adrenals are treated and stable your own insulin will work better. Until then, do as everyone else already posted - eliminate those simple carbs and sugars. Have you tried stevia as a sweetener? Some brands leave a bitter aftertaste, others are quite usable.

Thanks Nexis for that tip on how to find a knowledgable endo. I still feel I need the next step in my 15-year decline and search for a doctor who can figure out root cause and stabilize treatment. Of course, one of the top docs listed when I searched was the CEO of a Dallas Endo group and he's the one that wouldn't listen to me, spoke down to me and told me that "nobody is salt deficient," that it's all in my head that I feel better taking salt tabs. But this gives me a lead to find a Dr that might have a clue.

Hey, I'm still having a hard time. The lab results show 3 harmones low. Cortisol, which has been showing anywhere from 2-4 and DHEA sulfate, and testosterone. I havn't been on any meds. I am hesitent to take tesosterone shots due to the fact I dont want to shut down my natural production. I'm trying to figure out a natural way to bring it up. I went to the Mayo clynic, they were worthless. The Endo there looked at my charts listened to me, and said "I dont believe your promblem is Endo related, I think you may have Crohns disease, That would explain the irregular bowl behavior and weight loss. I said if it's not Endo related, how do you explain my blood sugar issues. He stated he wasn't sure, maybe I was turning diabetic. Even though I my testosterone was at 199, im only 24 by the way, I was fine cause I can maintane an erection. This is idiotic logic due to the fact not all men experience sexual disfuntion due to low testosterone. I warned him about my low cortisol, and explained how I have had 2 cortisol stim test done prior to seeing him, which came out normal. My problem with the cortisol stim test is it only tells you wether or not your glands are on, or off. it does nothing to show how efficiently they are functioning, and balancing out your body's needs. The doctor I saw stated he doesn't believe in adrenal fatigue, and says it's a myth, since I past the test before I was fine and had no issues with cortisol. He ordered a blood draw before I left. The next day they called me frantically stating we need you to come in and take another cortisol stim test. your cortisol was only at 4! I said "thats what I was trying to tell you! these doctors have a real God complex and dont want to listen to logic! I said what will another stim test do??? It will show normal like the others. I believe Einstein once said "Madness is doing the same over again expecting a different result." I guess by definition, all these doctors are crazy. So....I'm still sick, my Career as a Police Officer is on hold, I had to apply for state benifets and insurance cause im broke and cant make money, My home is getting foreclosed on, Doctors cant figure out how to treat me, and im exhausted and sick every day now. I'm trying to stay focused and vigilant, but it is hard. It has turned into a up hill battle. I was tested for Lyms disease, but was negative. I then found out the test are unreliable and very hard to diagnose. I'm gonna have to look into a West blot test. I appreciate all your help.
Hi Dial,,,I have not posted to you yet but had to after the last one you wrote,,I think you should not give up. Has any of the doc's even taken an xray or mri, cat scan or such of the adrenal's? I did not see it listed but if you did sorry about asking. I feel the same as you. Been told too long it was "fibro" or "not sure but something" and when I figured out what was going was told "the pain in your back has nothing to do with your adrenal's since you would not feel pain if it was them there",,,logic? Nope,,,I know that is hog-wash. And you know,,so do you with your problems. Keep the faith.

Hi Dial,
sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. You are right, you probably don't need to be on Testosterone replacement right now since you are so young. There is something called HCG which will not shut down the testicles from producing testosterone but will boost the natural production. There is a board on here that deals with testosterone issues and some very knowledgeable guys on there who can help you. Are you not on Cortef? I thought you had told me you were. I have been on it for about 5 weeks now and it is helping alot. I took the 24 hour saliva test where I got a graph showing how low the coritsol was. I also have found out as of last week that I have extremely high levels of mercury and lead. I am in the process of detoxing which will go on for many months. Hope this info might help you some.

IF possible can you list all of your symptoms again? Sometimes even the most minor problems can be a secondary issue to a primary diagnosis...

Have you gotten tested for other Autoimmune related disorders like Lupus, Sjorgen Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Movement, Arthritis, Raynaud Phenomenon?

I went to see a very prominent Endo in hormone/pituary disorders, who did research at UCLA and now doing cancer research at the Tokyo University Research Hospital . You may wish to check with a Pituitary specialist from the Hormone Foundation Site.

I though I had Hypothyroid or Addison's yet because I still had a muscular build for a woman he said he thinks its an Autoimmune Disorder, so I'm running tests now, and he didn't go in to detail, yet I think it may be Lupus...

Weight Loss is also a sign of Lupus, as well as Pain and tenderness throughout the body... I have prediabetes as well. Alot of your symptoms overlap with other diagnosis, and because of the stress you are under in general with your current flar, other symptoms will arise, yet it could just be a reaction to the underlining illness. You may have a low testosterone too if you are experiencing depression, which can be a secondary symptom to your undiagnosis illness...

Again, my Adrenal doctor said that at the acute states of an illness, stress symptoms will appear.

Please be well
Sure, My Symptoms ara as follows;
Shortness of breath
tremors, shakyness
extreme fatigue, exhuastion
light headness, dizzyness
heart palpitations
feelings of anxiety
hyper glycemia with unusual sugar levels after eating, many time very high, in the 200 range. on some ocassion it goes low, and i have an hypoglycemia episode, this has been rare though
rapid weight loss, lost 25 pounds in a manner of 3 months, 168 to 143
lab test show tesosterone of 199, cortisol aroun 2.3,2.9,4, DHEA was low around 260 I believe
feelings of blacking out, or close to blacking out
hope this helps
I did have my thyroid checked, I dont know the lab levels, doctor only said it was normal. Also supposedly my petuitary gland is normal as well. this is one reason the doctors are confused. They kept probing and asking me if I had done any Illegal steriods in the past. I only laughed. No I havnt. Also Any one know about DHEA?? my naturalpath wants me to take 25 MG every morning, I read alot of controversary on the safety of DHEA and how much to take.
Hi there,

I am new to this message board and really don't know how to use it as of yet..but I have had many of the symptoms that Dial has had and many more, except for glucose problems. Blackouts and near blackouts are a major complication along with pain, shakiness, palpatations, major weight loss, low blood pressure (which I always had high risk hypertension), dizziness, fatigue etc. How do I start a thread or do I just stay on this one?

I was diagnosed with Addisons plus have other medical problems, I have many questions? My diagnosis was suggested after a blackout and had fallen down 16 stairs and ended up with 18 staples in my head. They stated that I had an underactive thyroid and thought it was due to my pituitary gland, but it ended up that my adrenal glands weren't functioning?? I am on Cortef and synthroid for that...but I'm not really getting any answers from Dr's..some even suggested it was all in my head..which is very frustrating. I will leave it at that until I know what thread I should be using..Thank you...and hope you get some relief Dial, physically, emotionally and financially...
Not sure if you are still reading the boards, but - I have done a lot of research into Candida. It can definately wreak havoc on your system.

Basically, Candida is a yeast that is normally present in every human being. The other bacteria (often referred to as healthy "flora") in your intenstines usually keeps the candida in check.

However, with stress, antibiotics, chemicals, and the high sugar in our diets (as well as other things) the balance of candida can grow out of control. When it does it can impact the absorption of vitamins and minerals in your intestinal track which causes lots of problems. Additionally, the candida itself give off their own chemicals (similar to formaldahyde (sp?) that turns into alchohol in your intestines and can make you feel like you have a constant hang-over.

Although there are drugs that can help rid your system of candida, they are often harmful to your liver. Best way to rid yourself is to starve the candida. This means that you need to totally avoid sugar, yeast (in breads, crackers, etc.), alcohol, fungi (like mushrooms), etc. You can search for "candida diet" and get a list of the things you should avoid.

If you are diligent you can kill off the candida in anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (or longer with very bad cases). I think that you often need ot make diet changes for life. If you starve the candida and then start eating carbs the way you used to, often the Candida will come back with a vengence.

Sometimes Candida can become "Systemic" and leak into your blood stream and impact your organs. There is a test that you can have taken that looks for Candida antibodies. If the antibodies are present, you most likely have Systemic Candida.

Anyway, Candida is at least one thing that you can control yourself. It takes a lot of will power, though. There really isn't a magic pill.

Hope this helps.
Alison :)
Hey Cloud,
to be honest, I'm still really sick. I am not any better than before. My insurance was pulled and have to pay out of pocket. B/c I have to pay out of pocket, its taking me forever to get treatment and test done. One thing the Naturalpath wants me to take is DHEA. For some reason I am scared to take it, and havn't been able to convince my self to do it. The whole warning about racing heart, dizzyness, and heart palpitations freaks me out! I have had these things happen already as my regular symptoms, wich terrified me and caused me to go to the ER, I really dont want to take a pill and chance reliving that truama. This is my battle with this crap. I feel exhausted all the time, and just plane sick. I cant even do anything a little physical demanding without feeling like falling over. I have become very sensitive to Cold and hot weather. I tried to go out side, (I live in AZ) and I could only take the heat for about 15 min before I felt like I was going to black out. I figure low cortisol may be to blame for this, not sure though. I feel worse than ever and just dont know what to do. my wallet is dry. The Mayo Clynic wants $6,000 from me for basically doing nothing. They first said "it's in your head" then they said "you have Crohns Disease" then they said "we dont know" they even told me my problems were not Endo related, HA! my sugars hit 200+ my Cortisol is in the 2's and my Testosterone was at 199 hmmmm not Endo related at all
Dial, I know there are people here who are very concerned regarding your health, please be well and let post here when you can...

I know you have seen many specialists to the point some where I didn't know you ended up at the Mayo Clinic...

Did you get tested for Lyme or for other Balance Conditions?

May be if you could update your current conditions with all the tests done on the General Boards, this may help since this thread is a few months old...

I was having the same symptoms as you and it went away EXACTly at 8 weeks, the doctors still didn't know why I was so ill; yet I have had a life long struggle with dizziness and fatigue, and will see a ENT to see if I have a Balance disorder, or a sleep related breathing disorder...
Good morning DIAL,
I don't know how far you can get with this, or how fast, without med insurance. Ouch!
1. You've got to get the candida under control. Diet will get you only so far... you'll probably need some anti-fungal(s) too. But as mentioned by others, cut out not only the sugars but also simple carbs, which are converted quickly to sugar. Stick to eggs, peanut butter, simple meats, nuts, etc. Careful with juices too. Eat tart fruits (strawberries, blueberries, granny smith apples), not sweet.
2. If you haven't already, learn more about the hormone cascade that starts with cholesterol, pregnenolone, cortisol, DHEA and many others. What the doctors need to figure out is what you're low on and why... where the process is breaking down and where supplementation makes sense. Is your cholesterol high? normal? low? If it's low (mine was 119 total at one point), your body might not have the raw materials to produce hormones.
3. Get your thyroid results from that doctor... the numbers. Have them mail you a copy with the lab results. "Normal" can mean almost anything. Then read up on how the reference ranges are determined. Keep in mind that adrenals and thyroid are related... not always, but many forum members have issues with both.
4. The cortisol levels you mentioned do seem low (keep in mind... I'm not a Dr, nor are most or all in this group). That alone could really kick you. But I remember when my MD looked at my cortisol levels (saliva test, in my case), she looked at me and said I was in the bottom 5 percentile... that anybody she's seen that low can't get out of bed or get to work. Pushing myself through a 45-workweek, I suddenly went from feeling guilty, lazy and wondering if it's "all in my head" to feeling pretty heroic for pulling off what I was doing. If your naturopath is your main medical consultant at this time, see what kind of supplementation you should do. DHEA makes sense to me, and also something to support your adrenal function would seem in order. Perhaps also pregnenolone, which you can get at a health food store. But be careful here, research it yourself and take expert advice, not just my post!
5. Salt. If you're blacking out and feeling real weak, AND if your BP is low, add extra salt. You may already be craving it. IF you're not craving it, or if your BP is high, do not do this. For me it took florinef (generic = fludrocortisone) to finally lick the blackouts.
6. Do everything you can to get quality sleep. If you're not sleeping well, your body is not able to repair itself.
7. Hot baths! Especially if you're prone to picking up colds or infections, I feel a regular, daily artificial fever is good for a body. Fill the tub at 105F, and you'll end up with about a 102F "fever" for about an hour to kill the bugs. btw - what is your temp, and is it steady or variable? That can help you pinpoint adrenal or thyroid issues. Track with a "metabolic temperature graph." One school of thought says that a low body temp is indicative of thyroid issues, whereas a body temp that bounces up and down is indicative of adrenal issues.
8. Exercise, but gingerly. I've worked back up to a 20 minute walk, but no more yet. I'm 52 and should still be able to run/jog. Even hand-washing my car is too strenuous for me, reducing me to a quivering blob of protoplasm (or so it feels).
9. Make sure you get some sunlight. I get Seasonal Affective Disorder down here in Texas of all places, because when I'm feeling that way, I tend to stay indoors.
10. "Hakuna Matata." De-stress. Do whatever you can to calm the body, reduce the noise, the pounding rhythms, etc.. If you're type A like me, that one's real difficult.
Thanks for the reply. My main symptoms as of now are feeling extremley weak. tired all the time. I sleep and sleep some more. I get shaky at times, and get very dizzy. shortness of breath often happens with the dizzynes. any physical activity wipes me out. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months, and have only gained 5 pounds of it back. I was in the top physically in my Police Academy class, now I cant even play with the dog! I all around just feel very very ill. I have had the following test.
* Ct of the brain = Negative
* CT of abdomen = Negative
* Colonoscopy, endoscopy = Negative
* several thyroid checks = Normal
* several ACTH test = Normal
* heart echo = discovered minor Mitral valve prolapse, doctor said no big deal.
*stress test
*CT of the heart = Normal
* blood check for Lymes, and Valley fever, although I later found out these test are unreliable.
* lab work which resulted in discovery of low Cortisol, Testosterone, and DHEA
*Glucose Tolerance test = hit 245, but A1C and AM insulin levels show normal, and me being non diabetic.

Endo Doctor wanted me to take Tesosterone shots, I didnt, due to trying to find a better natural way to boost Testosterone. I dont want to shut my natural production down and be shot dependent the rest of my life.

Natural path wants to test me for the presence of Cancer.
other than this I dont know what else to say. I am lost. I dont believe this is due to a physcological disorder like some docs have pushed.
Thanks Cloud,
Honestly, I cant rememeber what "normal" feels like any more. I'm so use to being dizzy, tired, short of breath and so on. I've been sick for a year now, I think I may just be broken. I'm not so sure I have a cure out there, which is unfortunate because I love life, and being active and having fun. Now I am a prisoner in my own home, and cant take care of my family financially. Its pretty humilating. I am 25 and feel like an old dying man. My insurance, United, suddenly stated they would not cover my vist to the Mayo clynic, so now I am $7,000 in debt with them. can you believe it? $7,000 to tell me "they dont know what's wrong with me" and I owe this money for what?....I was put on State insurance, then when I went to the ER room recently, the hospital said it was not valid. so I owe them a $1000 as well. can you believe this? I protect and serve my community as a Police Officer, then I get sick, they force me into resigning due to health, or else they were going to Fire me, let me restate that "let me go for failure to perform" being fired for health is "illegel" and then they take away my medical insurance on top of it. If my home wasn't being furclosed on they could come bull doze my home too and turn it into a parking lot for the city. The city counsel can park their cars there. any ways, I'm just venting.
thanks for caring,
lot of good people on this site.
yeah i may need to look into some legal consoltation. As far as Cuba, I wouldnt hold my breath for their health care;) That country has some real issues. socialized medicine is nice for people in my shoes, although If I had to wait 18 weeks to see a specailist like some friends of mine with social medicine, I wouldn't be very happy. but out of curiosity, what country are you in? do they have any interesting out look on Adrenal Fatigue?
thanks for caring Nexis
[QUOTE=DIAL;3236895]yeah i may need to look into some legal consoltation. As far as Cuba, I wouldnt hold my breath for their health care;) That country has some real issues. socialized medicine is nice for people in my shoes, although If I had to wait 18 weeks to see a specailist like some friends of mine with social medicine, I wouldn't be very happy. but out of curiosity, what country are you in? do they have any interesting out look on Adrenal Fatigue?
thanks for caring Nexis[/QUOTE]

I would love to tell you where on Planet Earth I am yet I would prefer to reserved my anonymity, yet I am not in Cuba; and i can see a specialist without a referral the next day...

Alike Cuba, other countries like France and Sweden' free or subsidized healthcare ( not in France or Sweden either ), yet if they can do it, so can the our government in the US.. Sorry for getting too political here so I will stop. If people are not feeling well or not getting adequate care, how can one work and support their families?

I had the same exact symptom like you and did see a Endo/Adrenal doctor who did extensive research in the USA... I thought I had Addison's yet my doctor said I was too muscular considering I am an athletic built for a woman... He said that wasting away was a primary symptoms for Addison's.

I manage to recover after a few months, yet have the dizziness and extreme fatigue. I noticed that I was not breathing through my nose properly, and didn't think that sinus issues would cause such severe dizziness and nausea... Yet this might be it because the allergy boards have mentioned how tired and dizzy can be from sinus/ nasal obstruction issues...

I am still getting extensive testing every few months because my doctor believes it MAY BE the beginning of a chronic disease...

They doctors still do not know happened with the symptoms similar to yours, yet do not give up please... Yet I believe that it is important that you protect your assets and know what your rights and what you are entitled to in such situation.

Legal Professionals can give you an idea what your options are, because at this point, with your home be repossessed and unable to work, you need professional advice since the medical community cannot find the solution to your failing health...

Please keep us posted since I know there are many who have been reading your situation and deeply concern for you and your family.
Hey DIAL. I know your Doctors have found something "Rouleau". I was just reading your posts and I have all of the same symptoms as you. I have been back and forth to doctors for over a year now, none of them have known what is wrong with me. I have had so many tests, I am tired of getting tests LOL. I just found out the other day that I have a B12 Deficiency. If you look up B12 Deficiency, it lists all of the symptoms you have been having. I too lost 30 pounds but mine has been since the beginning of this year ......, I get the lightheadedness, dizziness, brain fogginess, fatigue and ALWAYS tired with no energy, no matter how much sleep I get, I get the shortness of breath .... sometimes walking up the stairs, I am out of breath and my heart starts beating really fast. I am not over-weight either ... I am 125 pounds and 5'5".

I just saw your story and just wondered if they ever tested your B12 levels in your body. My B12 level was 172 ....... the normal lab ranges on my paper were: 211-911.

I just found this out this week, so I am waiting for my family doctor to get back to me to see if she can send me to a Hematologist.
I am almost positive my B vitmains are low, the Doc said I was low on virtually every nutrient my body needs, this is also how that blood condition most likely came about. My body wont absorb nutrients taken orally due to poor digestive absorbtion. The doctor is putting me on IV treatment therapy, where the vitamins and nutrients are pumped directly into my vein. I am seeing a Natural path by the way. I got so fed up with mainstream doctors, I finally thought what do I have to lose? I can tell you this, he is one of the smartest doctors I have met. He is very knowledgable, and has found alot wrong. I would still be bouncing from doctor to doctor with the mainstream guys. Mainstream doctors never seem to focus on nutrition, vitamins, and so on. yet these are the issues that lead to many diseases. If he had never examined my blood in a microscope, He would have never discovered Raulaue. This condition can mimic types of Anemia to give you an idea of how it may effect you. You can only see through a microscope though, you cant run it through a RBC machine and come out with a "postive" as far as I know. I may be wrong though. The more I learn, the more I realize that the medical field is very ignorant, and pridefull. alot is ignored and missed. "You" are your best doctor,not them. You need to be aggressive and push back. It's hard, but dont take no for an answer. Many times I was told I was simply suffering from Anxiety, even though I had clear physical problems, and lab papers showing an issue. What does that tell you? I just hope this doesnt turn into something really serious! that would suck!:) you see like me, you probably have many thigns wrong at the same time, its not just "one" issue. Its the brake pads wore, then the rotors. After not fixing that, the Callipers went, eventually breaking and causing the car to crash. Your body is the same way, you cant single one problem out like many doctors do and think it doesn't effect the rest of your body. Thats crazy, it's all connected, rather then "treat the symptoms" you have to figure out thr ROOT of the issues. Thats what I have been trying to do all this time. I do have some Anxiety, but that's not the cause, somthing is causing the Anxiety. would it fix me to pop pills and see a shrink? nope. many things cause Anxiety, such as Lymse disease, Candida, low testosterone, etc. anyway, good luck! and stay in touch.

Something I stumbled onto this morning on another list might explain the crystals. Might be another piece of your puzzle. You might ask your naturopath about Oxalates. A summary of what I've found so far:

Oxalic acid, formed in the body and absorbed from some foods, may combine with calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, or potassium to form less soluble salts known as oxalates ... Oxalates form tiny little insoluble crystals with sharp edges, which are also irritating to tissue.

Supposedly, when you reduce oxalates, you get relief in whatever part(s) of your body the oxalate crystals were accumulating. In the broader medical profession, a low-oxalate diet is recommended to people with kidney problems, rheumatoid arthritis, or gout.

Hi there DIAL, yup .... my story did sound a lot like yours .... when I was reading your story, I was like wow that sounds like me!! Yeap, I have been back and forth to Doctors for a year now. I've been to Cardiologists, family doctors, an Endocrinologist just the other week, and back and forth to my Gyno. doctor. I have had so many tests done ...... and not really any answers.

I've had hormone testing .... by FSH came back a little high (19.0), my LH was normal, my Testosterone was a little on the low side (was 28). I have had to Cortisol blood tests, my morning (10:00 AM came back high at 35.0) .... my 4:00 came back a tiny bit from being high, was 16.9 at 4 PM. I have had 3 sets of Thyroid testing, I have had the CBC's, I had the Ferritin level checked which came back low (21), but not low enough for doctors to be concerned, even though I have been reading those levels should be 70-90 in women. Then last week I had the B12 and Folate tested. My B12 came back low (172) but my folate was normal.

Funny thing was .... I waited two months to get into this Endocrinologist the other week, and here she had NO answers for me. I thought she was a specialist in this stuff?? Obviously not LOL. She said to me "you have several different groups of symptoms, when I think you may have one thing, the other group of symptoms rules out the other group, so I am at aw as to what is wrong with you". I was thinking to myself .... aren't you the Specialist? Isn't it your job to figure out what is wrong with me? The only thing she said to me was "You COULD be low in B12 and that could be why your hair is falling out". I was like .... why don't you test me and know for sure instead of guessing. Maybe some of these doctors didn't pay attention in medical school. I get so angry when some of these doctors don't help your further. I mean .... especially when a person has Health Insurance ..... why don't these doctors run tests that run with a persons symptoms. So yeah, I have several groups of symptoms .... she should have tested me for each group, that way she could have ruled things out. Some doctors don't care I think ...... and they wonder why they get sued???? I mean B12 defiencies CAN be deadly ..... yet all she says to me is "You may be low in B12 that is why your hair could be thinning". I mean come on, she obviously didn't pay attention in school.

Sorry ..... just Venting a little bit there LOL. I just get sooooo mad! But anyway, I am sooooo glad that you are finally starting to figure things out DIAL. I am hoping with my new test results on the B12, I am hoping that this is a start to figuring out what my problem is too. Definitely keep us posted DIAL as to how you are making out ok?? Ohhhhh and one more thing, how do you go about finding a "Natural" type Doctor?? I have NO clue how to even start looking for one. :confused:
As an Aunt of a young police officer, it really upsets me about the way you've been treated by your Department & the city's insurance. Did you have disability insurance through work? Could you write to the mayor, the governor? Anybody??? Call the local T.V. for help? Some one to do a charity event to help pay your medical bills? You were proud to serve your community, let them be proud to do something nice for you. Have someone get the word out about what you've been through.

About your illness. My sister has a small tumor on her pituitary gland. The Neuro doc says it's too small to cause any symptoms & is best to leave it alone. Well, she has a lot of the same symptoms that you do. She also has most of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know because I have both of these illnesses. These syndromes can be as debilitating as what you describe of yourself. However, there's no test that can be done to affirm if you have FMS/CFS & there's no miracle cure for either of them. The fact that you have found a good Doc that has found the parasites, yeast overgrowth & Rouleau is a good sign that he is on the right track. Please trust him enough to follow his treatment advice. I know that money is an issue for you so maybe you could talk to your doc about making sure he didn't do tests just for sh*ts & gi**les, as my husband would say. Or perhaps you could do some investigating online for natural remedies for yeast & parasites.

You mentioned your spelling earlier. I know this boards spell check download doesn't work. I have the G**gl* tool bar & there's a spell check right on it that I use. I really can't spell worth a darn! Anyway, no one really cares on this site because we're all here for not feeling good in one form or another. Who can think when they feel like this, right!!?? Take care Nick. I'll be praying for you.
I appreiciate your concern. I looked into legal matters. I was tased in training 2 months prior to my symptoms coming on and sustained a bad back injury which required physical therapy. Many doctors stated that my current problems may be tied to the tasering. It is 50,000 volts. As time goes by more, and more issues are being brought to the table with the taser. It's effective when needed, but should not be used in training. Too many Officers are getting injured. Every one's body is different and where some may be ok, others are not after a hit. After all, we dont shoot each other to see how our guns feel when shot. Any way, I looked into legal matters, but all were afraid of the taser giant and their attornys payroll. As far as the department, well some Officers already say they have lost respect for me due to my illness. I'm not sure why, Ive heard some state I'm faking it. Dont why one would work hard to become an Officer, then fake an illness only to have their home furclosed on. Makes sense right? Basically I became dead weight, and they wanted to figure out a way to get rid of me if I didn't get better soon. Legally they cant fire me due to illness, so they started LOOking for any reason to "write" me up, or make my performance look bad. This way they can legally justify letting me go. I was granted Family Medical Leave act, which was signed by the city, stating I had 6 months to get treatment and return to work. 3 months later I was told they made a mistake and I didn't qualify for FMLA b/c I hadn't been employed for 12 months. While I was very sick, and clueless as to what was wrong with me I was told by my employer be back to work in a week or be terminated. I had a pregnant wife, therfore had no choice. I showed up to work and worked sick for 5 more months. It was one of the hardest things I had done. I came close to passing out at work, they called the ambulance. When they arrived my blood pressure was 140/100! Things were getting worse. I kept working and began to miss work do to my illness. I requested light duty, but they refused to grant it. I was then told If I didn't resign, I would be let go. I decided due to safety for me and others, and not to have a termination on my record, I chose to resign. I am now on reserve and trying to get back on track. I would take your advice, but if I were to go to the local news, or raise an issue, It would most deffinately ruin my career, or a future career in Law Enforcemnt in AZ. Police are Clickish and political. It may be wrong, but everything I have worked for would most likely be destroyed. Thats the nature of the beast I guess.
thanks for your kind words,

Late chimer-inner here. I believe you definitely have an adrenal problem - although you may have other, unrelated problems also. Will your naturopath RX you low-dose hydrocortisone to give you any relief? I won't go into my long health history, but recently I have confirmed very low adrenal function via a saliva test done 4x throughout the day - all way below normal. You can get discounted saliva tests kits from reliable labs yourself thru a place online called the Canary Club to confirm your exact cortisol pattern (plus they also include other tests). I am taking 10mg hydrocortisone when I get up and another 5mg by noon. This is helping me get by. I agree with the other posters about supplementing with salt - ideally sea salt which has trace minerals. Avoid high-potassium drinks/foods (Gatorade/bananas). Get the book Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. Wilson for other things you can do to help yourself - he also has a website but his supplements are expensive. Avoid sugar and caffeine at all costs. Eat as much healthy, organic food as possible every 2-3 hours to maintain blood sugar levels even if it's just a few bites. Adrenals need Vitamin C, take 1-2g/day and B5 100-200mg/day. Reduce stress if at all possible. Get to bed by 10pm every night (adrenals repair themselves somewhere between 11pm-1am). This are some of things I've thought of just off the top of my head, I am a work in progress myself. The taser thing and the fact you are a cop are just red flags in my head. Your body system may not have been equipped to handle these stressors and sent your adrenal/endocrine system into a tailspin.

I'm sorry you are having so many other problems with work and bills on top of your health. Good luck.

[QUOTE=Tifferzz;3246012]Hi there DIAL, yup .... my story did sound a lot like yours .... when I was reading your story, I was like wow that sounds like me!! Yeap, I have been back and forth to Doctors for a year now. I've been to Cardiologists, family doctors, an Endocrinologist just the other week, and back and forth to my Gyno. doctor. I have had so many tests done ...... and not really any answers.

Sorry ..... just Venting a little bit there LOL. I just get sooooo mad! But anyway, I am sooooo glad that you are finally starting to figure things out DIAL. I am hoping with my new test results on the B12, I am hoping that this is a start to figuring out what my problem is too. Definitely keep us posted DIAL as to how you are making out ok?? Ohhhhh and one more thing, how do you go about finding a "Natural" type Doctor?? I have NO clue how to even start looking for one. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hey there glad to find a place where I don't feel alone in my problems. Well of course I wish none of us had to feel like this. But after getting the same treatment of "it's all in your head" seeing that other people are going through this just validates that it is not in our heads.

I've also had my share of ER trips, which only make my nerves worse cause the thought scares me, and then I get treated like I'm crazy and that I'm a waste of space there, which makes me feel even worse.

I feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but my problems started with physical symptoms, not mental/emotional ones, those came after. I was even sent to a shrink because I was crying in the doctors office, because I was so tired of the "don't know what's wrong with you" answer. And I tried to tell the shrink my symptoms are tired to physical problems, and about the ER trips, and she told me I just need to breath and that I wasn't dying and to calm down. Umm how does she know for sure there's not something wrong with me. My blood pressure has been very low, and that can be life threatening if it goes to low. I feel embarrassed going to the ER, by ambulance cause I live alone and can't drive there, I've gotten the same guys and one commented on how I was in his book...but he was nice about it. But I think going to the hospital they just see me coming in and ignore me.

I'm now learning about the low BP and the salt and all's been better the last few days even without having to do that. One doctor said my iron is low, and ordered daily b12 shots for two weeks, which a nurse comes to my house to do and is doing my BP and temp. as well. So that's why I know it's gotten better.

Anyway I quoted you Tiff because you mentioned trying to find a "natural" type doctor, and I see you live in PA. There's a really great Dr. in NJ, about a half hour outside of Philly that is board certified, was a regular medical doctor for a long time and then went into alternative treatments. Dr. Greenberg at the Magaziner Center...if you do a search you can find their website and all about them. People come from all over the country to see him and the other Dr there, Dr. Magaziner who specializes in heart problems and cancer.

I started going to him for other problems, auto immune things, arthritis to be exact, regular rheumatologists wanted me to go on some medicine that can cause TB and have all these other side effects, they just prescribe the stuff like its nothing. I said no way and that's how I find the other doctor. He does these injections of cod liver oil in my knees and it worked within a week to help me tremendously.

He does good adrenal tests, and is doing a female hormone panel on me, month long saliva test which he said is much better than one time blood tests that normal doctors will just give you.

They treat so much there, their website lists everything. They are all about getting to the root of the problem and not just treating the symptom. I've had the arthritis my whole life and every doctor just wants to treat the immediate symptoms. He was the first one that right off the bat said he wants to get to the bottom of why I have it, and listed a whole bunch of things it could be. Still getting tested for some of them. Candida is one, I tested as a severe overgrowth of that.

I really feel for you DIAL, I am only 27 and this should be a time where we feel great and have tons of energy and can do whatever we please. I had to go out of work last week because I had used up all my sick time and then some, I couldn't do a full day I would have to run out of the building because I felt dizzy, shaky, like I was going to pass out, no power in my legs, like they're gonna give out on me.

Good luck to everyone at getting to the bottom of your issues.

Also about the adrenal fatigue...I also see a chiropractor, who does muscle testing. I've had a number of these done over the years and they always seem to be right on. Basically you just hold up your arm, they do a test of it and tell you to resist aganist them pushing down, which without them pressing on any of your muscles you should be able to resist. Then they press where they think you have a problem...I mentioned to him I was tired and he pressed on my adrenals and my arm went straight down in the muscle test. He said I was in a state of fatigue. And that's without telling him any of my symptoms. Another time he pressed on my pancreas and asked if I had problems with my blood sugar, which I do, it gets low, bad eating habits.

But anyway he gave me these supplements called DSF Formula, it has adrenal and thymus supplements. He said he takes it himself. No side effects to any other medications.
Well, I looked up Fibromyalgia, and It describes me right down to a "T" everything listed I have. I don't have muscle aches often, but thats is not always present, just common. As far as them not knowing whats wrong with me, thats nothing new. They do want to throw a bunch of drugs at me, I dont want to take them though. Fibromyalgia has many things linked with it as symptoms like hormone disorders, adrenal disorders, etc. I fit the bill pretty well. Either way I may have it, but they admit they don't know whats wrong or how to treat me very well. This is one big nightmare I cant wake up from. I cant even work. I guess the only good thing with this diagnosis would be medical coverage,and disability granted to me. Since they don't know what's wrong with me, and they don't know what causes fibromyalgia, I guess it may as well be this I am diagnosed with rather than "it's all in your head"
[QUOTE=DIAL;3423603]Well, I looked up Fibromyalgia, and It describes me right down to a "T" everything listed I have. I don't have muscle aches often, but thats is not always present, just common. As far as them not knowing whats wrong with me, thats nothing new. They do want to throw a bunch of drugs at me, I dont want to take them though. Fibromyalgia has many things linked with it as symptoms like hormone disorders, adrenal disorders, etc. I fit the bill pretty well. Either way I may have it, but they admit they don't know whats wrong or how to treat me very well. This is one big nightmare I cant wake up from. I cant even work. I guess the only good thing with this diagnosis would be medical coverage,and disability granted to me. Since they don't know what's wrong with me, and they don't know what causes fibromyalgia, I guess it may as well be this I am diagnosed with rather than "it's all in your head"[/QUOTE]

I'm really sorry things are so bad for you right now. I know how it is to have chronic illness and it is frustrating beyond belief. I don't know enough about disability to know if this diagnosis will help you in that regard, but I hope it does. I would suggest keeping detailed records of all your visits/test results/symptoms. There is definitely something underlying your "Fibromyalgia" and I hope you can figure out what it is. Based on every symptom you've posted I find it hard to believe any Dr could say it's "all in your head". My concern for you is that they will try to give you various drugs to make you feel better - this could be antidepressants, benzos (valium, etc), pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc. Be aware all of the above may help you feel better, but they usually don't work forever, and there is a price to be paid down the road if you ever want to try to come off them - trust me I've been there. Also, if they make you feel better, you may be able to ignore the real underlying problem and whatever that may be could get worse (say, hormone imbalance). I really hope you can get another opinion & medical coverage/disability.
Hi there!
I have had back pain in the flank/mid back regions for years! I always thought it was muscular/skeletal...I could release some tension if I had someone LIFT me by giving a bear hug (by keeping my arms down and having someone strong wrap their arms around my upper arm/shoulder area in a big bear hug and actually lift me off the ground giving me a few shakes)...then I would hear several pops and feel some relief but it was always short hour or day. I invested in an inversion type piece of equipment so that I could relieve the pressure by hanging upside down. It really doesn't seem to help this area of my back...beneficial for any lower back discomfort that I may be having but not the mid back region. Common sense tells me to see a doctor but I hate going and feeling like I am being blown off. So many times I have seen doctors for different conditions and I feel they do the minimal testing (to cover their behinds:D) and then they give you meds to treat the symptoms and send you on your way. I know they are busy but I want to get to the bottom of the problems not just cover it up. It takes a lot to get me to go to the doctor so when I do go I want to be taken seriously. I have had negative experiences in the past so I have been dragging my feet with this particular problem. I've also noticed flare-ups whenever I carry something heavy like lifting my nephew :jester:etc. I thought my bed may also be a problem as it isn't firm but I am beginning to think I have something more serious going on. :confused:

I was reading some of the posts regarding kidney and adrenal or pituitary problems and found them very interesting. Similar symptoms so I think I will get it checked out. I have a wide variety of symptoms that seem to be getting progressively worse. The other important point is that these symptoms bother my siblings as well, so maybe familial. My biggest complaints are (1)back pain that changes in character...sometimes dull and achy other time warm and throbbing and on occassion a little tingly.(2) Extreme exhaustion and tiredness causing an inability to function fully. I sleep and sleep and sleep and still feel completely wiped out! I feel like Rip Van Winkle... Other symptoms include achyness, tremors/shakiness, anxiety, heart palpitations and pounding, severe sweaty palms and feet, foggy thinking and dizzy spells. I am feeling it may be hormonal or adrenal fatigue...but have had a history of uti's, proteinuria and at one time kidney stones so I will have that followed up as well.

My concern is that I have been taking medications that have helped with a few of my symptoms but in turn has now caused other problems like high blood pressure and (excacerbated the sympathetic nervous system symptoms that I have had since puberty) is hard to know what is really going on? I recently had a full cardiac workup because of my family history...Father died at 58, Brother had heart attack at 42 and other family members had strokes, hypertension and cholesterol issues (large sized HDL). As mentioned earlier, the medication I am taking caused my blood pressure to sky rocket to 200/106...led to headaches and other cardiac symptoms...Now on blood pressure meds. My cardiologist was very proactive which I found refreshing....but with my family history he had reason to be.

Now, when I go to see an endocrinologist etc., I am afraid they are going to poo poo my issues or chock it up to a common reply I have seen in these posts when they are dumb founded...psychiatric problem or fibromyalgia. Others have posted "how unhelpful their endos have been"! What some of the doctors said to these patients is unconscionable...I want someone who will search and research to find some answers...[COLOR="Red"]Does any body know of a good endocrinologist in Southern California?...I am willing to travel a bit, so that I don't have to explain my history and physical over and over to several different doctors that aren't focused on helping to solve the mystery but instead get agitated because they cannot quickly figure out what's wrong and aren't willing to dig a little or ask their colleagues for their opinions[/COLOR]

I appreciate any helpful information you may have including the name of a good endocrinologist and nephrologist !! Thanks a million and blessings to you!
Any one ever try Hormone replacement therapy? I am considering this as an option, but have heard mixed opinions, if any one has, how did it make you feel?
Hi Nick. Yes, I'm taking about 6 hormones, some at pretty high levels, and labs show little or no improvement. Although I believe it's allowed me to keep a job, it's a desk job and I've continued to decline, but not at as fast a rate. Having a particularly bad month right now. I wish I could give you better news re. my experience, but want to help set your expectations appropriately as well. But who knows... we likely have different root cause, so could easily have different results.

Any one ever experience this? I have been getting EXTREMELY winded when I try to do anything physical. Light headed as well. I can even hear my heart beating in my hears loudly. I have never had this until my health problems came. I cant even have sex sometimes, cause its too hard!:( I'm only 25, I should be doing jumping jax out of bed right now. None of my health problems, showed up until I was Tasered on the Force during training. Then My health gradually declined until now. Some Docs have commented that the Taser could very well be the cause of my problems. They say it may have effected my central nervous system some how, and may be the reason my adrenal glands aren't functioning right. It is 50,000 volts. After all people are dying from this "harmless" device. Any ideas or similar symptoms?
Here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. That low of testosterone can wreck your body alone, mentally, physically, emotionally. If your worried about preserving your own production use a injection called hcg, it will do the trick as long as you are on testosterone. I am still in bad shape but the testosterone has made a huge improvement in my life, I do have low cortisol and am working on getting that resolved but by all means if you need testosterone get it, it's cheap and effective. I use a split dose and inject twice a week. Just to warn you the gels do work for some but they are expensive. They did not work for me at all and injections are much easier than smearng the gel all over.
199 is very low by the way, my first test was at 265 and I felt like hell. at 119 I barely got out of bed and my wife wanted to stay in a hotel I was so mean and apathetic. my uncle is in his 60's and his is normally near 700 as an example. sorry, I keep editing my response, I would say shoot for the top of the range or whatever makes you feel better. For me it lifted medication resistant depression right away.
I had a DR at the Mayo tell me my T was fine because my "free" T was ok, where as my "total" was low at 199. My Endo said that was BS. Stll, I dont know what to do, The gel made me sooooo sick I am worried about shooting up T shots and not feeling well. At that point I would be screwed, and would have to ride it out.

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