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Late chimer-inner here. I believe you definitely have an adrenal problem - although you may have other, unrelated problems also. Will your naturopath RX you low-dose hydrocortisone to give you any relief? I won't go into my long health history, but recently I have confirmed very low adrenal function via a saliva test done 4x throughout the day - all way below normal. You can get discounted saliva tests kits from reliable labs yourself thru a place online called the Canary Club to confirm your exact cortisol pattern (plus they also include other tests). I am taking 10mg hydrocortisone when I get up and another 5mg by noon. This is helping me get by. I agree with the other posters about supplementing with salt - ideally sea salt which has trace minerals. Avoid high-potassium drinks/foods (Gatorade/bananas). Get the book Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. Wilson for other things you can do to help yourself - he also has a website but his supplements are expensive. Avoid sugar and caffeine at all costs. Eat as much healthy, organic food as possible every 2-3 hours to maintain blood sugar levels even if it's just a few bites. Adrenals need Vitamin C, take 1-2g/day and B5 100-200mg/day. Reduce stress if at all possible. Get to bed by 10pm every night (adrenals repair themselves somewhere between 11pm-1am). This are some of things I've thought of just off the top of my head, I am a work in progress myself. The taser thing and the fact you are a cop are just red flags in my head. Your body system may not have been equipped to handle these stressors and sent your adrenal/endocrine system into a tailspin.

I'm sorry you are having so many other problems with work and bills on top of your health. Good luck.

[QUOTE=DIAL;3422567]Well guys, the doctors think I have Fibromyalgia. Well see where this goes.[/QUOTE]

Do you have muscle pain? Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, not a disease anyone has been able to pinpoint 1 universal cause yet. They are basically telling you they don't know what is wrong w/you. I have symptoms of Fibromyalgia, but what is the root cause of it? That is the question you need answered. In my case, I believe adrenal fatigue is the cause of Fibromyalgia, since my symptoms have been relieved by taking hydrocortisone. Granted it hasn't helped completely, but some. They're probably going to want to throw drugs at you to mask your symptoms. Don't let them do that...persist until you find what is really wrong. I still think you need a good Endo or Naturopath who has endocrine expertise.

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