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Hang in there, Dial. It may be overwhelming now, but when you've pulled out of it, you'll look back and see that you were able to take each day at a time. Be sure to relax, restore, refresh without feeling guilty about it. It took me a while to get there, being type A all my life. But when the body won't support that anymore, you've got to let it rejuvenate.

Another easily available test is to check for anti-adrenal antibodies, if you haven't already. If your immune system is attacking your adrenals, that's a quick road to primary.

In the meantime, if you have to wait for all the tests recommended here, don't forget extra salt, especially if you crave it. But careful about taking it on simple carbs (i.e. no potato chips, tortilla chips), or you'll disturb your blood sugar more than you'd like.

I had many, many "gray-outs" per day until my MD added florinef to my regular meds. Now they're pretty rare, about 1 a week. (I call them "gray-outs" because it feels like I'm blacking out, but it doesn't quite drop me. But I gotta hold myself up. It's a weak dizzy, usually not a spinning or vertigo dizzy.) The florinef only took me up about 10 points on my BP and put some unwanted extra weight on my frame, but it's great to leave the gray-outs behind!

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