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I appreiciate your concern. I looked into legal matters. I was tased in training 2 months prior to my symptoms coming on and sustained a bad back injury which required physical therapy. Many doctors stated that my current problems may be tied to the tasering. It is 50,000 volts. As time goes by more, and more issues are being brought to the table with the taser. It's effective when needed, but should not be used in training. Too many Officers are getting injured. Every one's body is different and where some may be ok, others are not after a hit. After all, we dont shoot each other to see how our guns feel when shot. Any way, I looked into legal matters, but all were afraid of the taser giant and their attornys payroll. As far as the department, well some Officers already say they have lost respect for me due to my illness. I'm not sure why, Ive heard some state I'm faking it. Dont why one would work hard to become an Officer, then fake an illness only to have their home furclosed on. Makes sense right? Basically I became dead weight, and they wanted to figure out a way to get rid of me if I didn't get better soon. Legally they cant fire me due to illness, so they started LOOking for any reason to "write" me up, or make my performance look bad. This way they can legally justify letting me go. I was granted Family Medical Leave act, which was signed by the city, stating I had 6 months to get treatment and return to work. 3 months later I was told they made a mistake and I didn't qualify for FMLA b/c I hadn't been employed for 12 months. While I was very sick, and clueless as to what was wrong with me I was told by my employer be back to work in a week or be terminated. I had a pregnant wife, therfore had no choice. I showed up to work and worked sick for 5 more months. It was one of the hardest things I had done. I came close to passing out at work, they called the ambulance. When they arrived my blood pressure was 140/100! Things were getting worse. I kept working and began to miss work do to my illness. I requested light duty, but they refused to grant it. I was then told If I didn't resign, I would be let go. I decided due to safety for me and others, and not to have a termination on my record, I chose to resign. I am now on reserve and trying to get back on track. I would take your advice, but if I were to go to the local news, or raise an issue, It would most deffinately ruin my career, or a future career in Law Enforcemnt in AZ. Police are Clickish and political. It may be wrong, but everything I have worked for would most likely be destroyed. Thats the nature of the beast I guess.
thanks for your kind words,

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