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hi every one im really rather scare d right now after just eating a huge bowl of cheese cake yikes lol i have been having low cortisone results for a while and it was 235 the range being 250 to 850 uk range anyway i had one done at noon or maybe it was 130 and it wa s 100 can you beleive that so im having some salive tests done and i didnt fancy the um dhea is or something like that they wante d to inject stuff inot me and someone said it was weird anyway im getign so tired i have low iron and heavy periods i have been loosing weight and craving sugar just so tired foggy and achey so any info would be appreciated asnd this is the sort of food i eat i have cut up fruit to much on as i like to ahve thsi for when i get peckish i have a pack of crisps at mid morn and babana i have salad and a small tea liek a bit of cheese red meat and sald and then i munch on fruit and bits of figs and cocoanut when hungry i have high blood sugar i will post on the saliva tests when i get them thanks to anyone who can help love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i ahve quiche and does thsi mena aviod whole meal bread or pasta a s thats the type i eat i avoid sugar and coffee so whayt can we eat have you more that i can listen too i hear the white of eggs and i have tuna aswell most days i haer that liqourice is good and siberian gensenge and a good hair vit or multi vit and cod liver oil and vit c have you all have hair loss mine is bad as i have hypothyroidism and im on nearly 75 thyroxine and am on a very low dose of methodone but trying hard to reduce but feel like im withdrawing all the tiem thyroxien strips it out feels like and i have tiredness from the iron meds what can i do could this be from all theese factors but i need help i get so tire d thanksxxxxxxxxxxxxx:wave: ;) :wave:

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