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Hey, I saw the Naturalpath today. He said my stool showed alot of Candida yeast overgrowth, and bacteria. A urine analysis showed I lacked all major nutrients, my body was full of free radicals, and my adrenals are depleted. He gave me an IV full of Vitamins, and all kinds of supplements to start. one of which is DHEA 25MG. Is this too much? I'm a little aprehensive about taking it. He aslo said "not to scare you, but along with your weight loss, there are some underlining red flags that need to be addressed and I strongly recommend we test you for the presence of cancer" Oh well, if so, I'll ride till the wheels fall off. I'm sure I'm fine though. I am real curious about DHEA, and if men need more or what. There seems to be a lot of controversery over DHEA. So far, this is the latest and greatest.
Thanks for caring
P.S. I know your could a cop have such poor spelling and grammer. Spell check baby, cant seem to use it on here though.

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