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Hi there DIAL, yup .... my story did sound a lot like yours .... when I was reading your story, I was like wow that sounds like me!! Yeap, I have been back and forth to Doctors for a year now. I've been to Cardiologists, family doctors, an Endocrinologist just the other week, and back and forth to my Gyno. doctor. I have had so many tests done ...... and not really any answers.

I've had hormone testing .... by FSH came back a little high (19.0), my LH was normal, my Testosterone was a little on the low side (was 28). I have had to Cortisol blood tests, my morning (10:00 AM came back high at 35.0) .... my 4:00 came back a tiny bit from being high, was 16.9 at 4 PM. I have had 3 sets of Thyroid testing, I have had the CBC's, I had the Ferritin level checked which came back low (21), but not low enough for doctors to be concerned, even though I have been reading those levels should be 70-90 in women. Then last week I had the B12 and Folate tested. My B12 came back low (172) but my folate was normal.

Funny thing was .... I waited two months to get into this Endocrinologist the other week, and here she had NO answers for me. I thought she was a specialist in this stuff?? Obviously not LOL. She said to me "you have several different groups of symptoms, when I think you may have one thing, the other group of symptoms rules out the other group, so I am at aw as to what is wrong with you". I was thinking to myself .... aren't you the Specialist? Isn't it your job to figure out what is wrong with me? The only thing she said to me was "You COULD be low in B12 and that could be why your hair is falling out". I was like .... why don't you test me and know for sure instead of guessing. Maybe some of these doctors didn't pay attention in medical school. I get so angry when some of these doctors don't help your further. I mean .... especially when a person has Health Insurance ..... why don't these doctors run tests that run with a persons symptoms. So yeah, I have several groups of symptoms .... she should have tested me for each group, that way she could have ruled things out. Some doctors don't care I think ...... and they wonder why they get sued???? I mean B12 defiencies CAN be deadly ..... yet all she says to me is "You may be low in B12 that is why your hair could be thinning". I mean come on, she obviously didn't pay attention in school.

Sorry ..... just Venting a little bit there LOL. I just get sooooo mad! But anyway, I am sooooo glad that you are finally starting to figure things out DIAL. I am hoping with my new test results on the B12, I am hoping that this is a start to figuring out what my problem is too. Definitely keep us posted DIAL as to how you are making out ok?? Ohhhhh and one more thing, how do you go about finding a "Natural" type Doctor?? I have NO clue how to even start looking for one. :confused:

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