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Jun 8, 2007
I just got back from the dr. and I was diagnosed for the second time in a year with hypoglycemia. Last time it was 42, this time 46.

I also have had hypothyroidism since I was 19 and have been on Levoxyl.

I have never been to an endrocrinogist but I have been in the hospital before and they found me dehydrated and low in potassium.

There was also a blood test back a few years that I remeber having high potassium.

I have low blood pressure and I crave sugar and I am a carb- o-holic.

I am severly stressed (mainly due to relationships though). I can't sleep at night and my heart palpitates.

Also I have cold feet and hands. Skin coloration I am not sure what they mean by that but I have brown spots all over me, moles freckles whatever you call them, they are DARK.

I also have a problem with black puffy eyes and allergies that may not be related. Scoliosis and ADHD.

I am not trying to self diagnose myself but should I go see a specialist and get tested for addison's disease?

Thanks for your help in this matter,


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