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Heating Up
Jun 19, 2007
I've got an ongoing issue that my doctors are disinterested in resolving. (I'm a 25 year old, slim, male) I realise this would be better in a Cushing's forum but Health Boards hasn't got one so I thought this would be the next best place.

I find that whenever I exert myself, even mildly for a prolonger period my body seems to start heating up. I can feel the heat building inside me and then I start pouring with sweat.

It can be something as simple as shopping in a supermarket, especially when it comes to bagging the shopping. Taking a small walk from a car park to the local shops (1/4 of a mile) is enough to make me feel really hot when I get there. I also struggle with temperatures higher than 25 degrees as I will feel uncomfortably hot.

I've had my thyroid tested before and that's shown up no problems. I've had a morning serum cortisol blood test done too and that's shown normal (520nmol/L) the first time (in the morning) and 720nmol/L which is over the labs reference range the second time. The main difference being the first time I parked right next to the doctors surgery, the second a few more minutes walk away.

Rather than being a Cortisol problem though I was wondering about excess DHEA being the cause. The reason for this is it has known thermogenic properties so would explain why my body feels hot. I also have other androgen related problems such as persistent acne, male pattern hair loss, and an excess amount of body hair growth for someone my age.

Any thoughts?


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