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Generic Cortef
Jun 22, 2007
My local pharmacy switched to generic pills. The ones I used to take said Cortef on them now they say Glades 28/17. Are they ok or should I go somewhere else?
Re: Generic Cortef
Jun 23, 2007
I was sent this same generic pill by my pharmacy when I refilled the other day. I would be interested in hearing from someone if they were doing ok on the generic cortef. I was put on generic thyroid back in the early 90's and they ended up pulling them off of the market because they didn't work as effectively as synthroid. This is the only time I had ever had a problem with a generic but you just don't know sometimes unless someone else has the same problem.
Re: Generic Cortef
Jun 24, 2007
I have been taking Generic Cortef ever since I was diagnosed ( over 7 years ago) and I have yet to have an issue. My adrenals totally don't function so my only source is from pills and I am under control and have few issues.
Re: Generic Cortef
Jul 2, 2007
Well what I dont like about it is its smaller than the Cortef pill I had before and is not much bigger than the Florinef one. Also it is difficult cutting them in half so they dont split into little pieces.
Re: Generic Cortef
Mar 31, 2008
Ok so I'm new to group.I've read all these good thing about generic cortef,So I switched.Well now I feel light really tried.My head is in a fog.did anyone else have this problem.
Re: Generic Cortef
Mar 31, 2008
I recently was switched to generic Cortef. I have had no problem with the change.

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