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It sounded familiar to me, so I pulled my copies of my own Diagnos-Techs saliva test results. (is yours Diagnos-Techs?) Their "Cortisol-DHEA Correlation Zones" are derived from DHEA charted against Cortisol and mapping areas of the graph:
1. Adapted to stress (top-right)
2. Adapted with DHEA slump (top-center)
3. Maladapted Phase I (top-left)
4. Maladapted Phase II (middle-left)
5. Non-adapted. Low Reserves (lower-right)
6. High DHEA (middle-right)
7. Adrenal Fatigue (lower left)

What is normal? "center-center" (not numbered above) is the reference range on the graph. If your Dr. didn't give you a copy of the report, ask for one. It is pretty informative, containing much more than that single number.

When I had my first Diagnos-Techs ASI test through my internist, she started me on a similarly low dose of cortef, along with DHEA and pregnenolone. She didn't want to go too high too fast, so as not to shut down my adrenals entirely (which we have since done).

Yes, the cortef should help. Do you have any other symptoms of low adrenal function? I remember it took a couple of weeks before I felt better, but even then, sub-optimal.

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