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Re: Dial's Progress
Jun 28, 2007
Hey feelbad62, thanks for caring, I have found a naturalpathic doctor who is an MD as well. He seems to know what there doing. He is very knowledgable and logical on everything so far. I left the Mayo a couple day ago after meeting with an endo. I was frustrated. He says a Testosterone of 199 is ok if the free Testosterone is not low. But then he syays is very hard to accuratley measure free testosterone. I asked about the fact I have low cortisol on two diff blood draws, 2.3,2.9. he stated because I passed my last Cortisol stim test im fine and my glands are ok. I stated that the test shows the glands are working, but it fails to show how well they are working and what my levels are through a 24 hour period. This didnt seem to change his opinion, He stated he doesent believe in "adrenal fatigue" I think this is ludicris. The pancreas can partually function, the liver can partually funtion, hell the heart can partually funtion. Why would the Adrenal's be any diffrent! So I leave irritated after having my blood drawn again. The next day they call me and say were a little concerned, your cortisol was low at 4.0! I said really? and what do you think I was trying to tell you the whole time! They want me to do another cortisol stim test, which will come back normal im sure, and a week later my cortisol will show low again if my blood were drawn. What a joke. Doctors can be so narrow minded. they try to isolate symptoms without thinking of reations from an illnes. If my brake pads wear out on a car, and I dont change them, the rotors will warp, then the calipers will go out. So tell me why would your body be any different? if one thing goes wrong, it effect other things....thats just common sense. My sugars are also unstable, and Low cortiso, DHEA, and even testosterone is proven to effect glucose levels. The endo didnt seem to want to recognize that fact, and stated maybe im just turning diabetic. Im done with mainstream medicine. Ill let you know how this Naturalpath is. I'll get off my soapbox now.
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