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I have just been diagnosed with Addisons disease. My symptoms are severe fatigue, weakness, diarrah, muscle weakness and constant infections. I just had an adrenal Stim test two days ago but my doctor believes I deffinitly have addisons based on my other test resutls and says she will probably be starting me on prednisone. I am very scared. The doctor believes I ended up with addisons because I had cushings disease for years and the endo who was treating me misdiagnosed me as PCOS. I do not look like most descriptions of addisons disease. I looke like cushings. I am fat, hairy and pretty much look like a text book cushings person except I have low blood preasure and low blood sugar. I have had my ACTH level checked three times now and each time the level was elevated around 100. My 24 hour cortisol has been done twice and both times were low. I am so so tierd. I guess it is addisons but it seems very unreal to me. I am glad I found this board.


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