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I lurk around the thyroid board, as I had a total thyroidectomy in Sept 06 and have been trying to regulate my thyroid meds since then. I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. My cortisol levels (according to a couple of saliva test within the last 2 years) are high in the morning, below range by noon and just in range for the rest of the day.

I took an ACTH stim test and was told it was "perfect."

After my very unsuccessful latest attempt at a thyroid med increase (very much needed according to labs and symptoms), my naturopathic doctor decided to try a therapeutic dosing of cortef. As of today, I am on 5 mcg twice a day - at 11:00 am and 3:00 p.m.

I took 5 mg at 11:00....15 minutes later I was feeling, well, rather wired. I called him and he was surprised to hear this as I'm on a low therapeutic dose. He said to keep taking it and we'll see how I'm doing in a few more days....

After the call I decided to go for a walk. I've calmed down a bit, my heart rate is very good, but I still feel drugged.

So, cortef experts, what do you think? Am I doomed from the start or do I just need to adjust to the shock to my system? My doc also said that I'm so "hard-wired" right now that it's hard to predict how I'll react to anything. I agree - I don't think I've ever been this constantly stressed out.

Any response appreciated.

sorry - I'm used to typing mcg for thyroid meds - for cortef, I'm on 5 mg twice a day - thanks!
thanks for responding KMatthew - actually, I've gone from that wired feeling to being absoluting exhausted and dizzy first thing in the morning pre-11:00 dose. I called my doc and he now wants me to take 5 mg arising, 11:00 and 3:00. So, already up to 15 mgs. He's working me up to 20.

I do have more energy but still feel woozy - I figure its also thyroid med finally getting into my system (heart palps this am, on only 112 mcg levoxyl).

After cortef, how far up were you able to work you thyroid meds? Like you, I'm TT.

thanks again - hope you're still feeling GREAT -
I am now on thirty mg of cortef and .1 of florinef, along with the collection of my thyroid meds. I take 75 mcg of synthroid, and 5 mg of cytomel, and I also have to take dostinex for elevated prolactin and aldoctone for the testosterone problem. Some days I feel like a regular walk in pharmacy, but Birch let me tell you without them, I can't function!! It has been a long road for me, and I finally feel better after about 8 months of suffering.
I am doing great, I am worried about some major swelling in my ankles and lower calfs, I have been doing a lot of step aerobics the last couple of weeks, which hurt last week when coming off the step, so i don't know if it is from that, or from lack of water on our vacation this week. I really had to double up on it the last two days, but still hurts to walk, but I am forcing myself to go the gym anyway.
I have not been cheating on the diet but have put on 3 or 4 pounds, and I suspect it is from the swelling. I have not been able to exercise this week due to our vacation, and it is most aggravating to eat well, and gain weight anyway just not from working out. I am hoping it is not my Florinef. I plan to give it until Monday, and then I suppose I will have to call and let the doctor know. I really just don't want them messing with me right now. My energy is good, and everytime something goes wrong, they tamper with my medications. (Sorry to whine!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hang in there with the Cortef. You will feel better I suspect when you get to 25 or 30 of the cortef if you are still dizzy. TAKING IT AN HOUR AFTER YOUR THYROID MEDS IS MOST IMPORTANT. DO NOT TAKE IT AT THE SAME TIME. YOU WILL BE DIZZY. I TAKE MY THYROID MEDS FIRST AT 5:30 AM AND THEN TAKE THE CORTEF AN HOUR LATER. Your doctor is right wanting the cortef in the morning. 3:00 until you get up is a long time to go without replacement. You may want to try stretching the last dose until 5. Ask your doctor first. That is what happened to me. I also wanted to share to be patient with the drugs. It takes awhile for them to get moving into your system and make you feel just right. It took me four months of being on thirty, tweeking of the thyroid meds, adding exercise into my daily life (which was huge for me), and taking off 26 pounds to get where I could function. I still have a long way to go with the weight, (44 more and I will be happy with myself again), but it is encouraging to know that I can be on the maximum dose of steriods, exercise, and still take the weight off. I was very worried about that. Today is the one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, and I am in awe when I think about where I was last year at this time, and how much better I feel now.
I am keeping you in my prayers, and I know that you will get on the right track soon. It is frustrating, believe me I know. I do believe that this experience has made me a stronger person, and I have learned many things from it.
Hang in there and if you need me let me know.
Thanks for your great, inspiring message KMatthew - I'm so, so glad you're feeling much better!

Hope you don't mind some questions....did you put on the weight after TT or have you carried it for a while? It seems to me that you're on a very low dose of thyroid med for someone without a thyroid but, I know, boy do I know, everybody's different! I was thinking that more thyroid med might help you with the weight - but you seem to be doing great on your own, taking it off anyway. Is your diet low-glycemic? Did they tell you to go on it after starting cortef?

I'm not as dizzy or tired this morning - I dont' feel "right" but I'm better than I was yesterday a.m. - and I did take my cortef a good hour after thyroid meds - thanks for the tip! And...I'll ask about 5:00. So..I'm on a total of 15 mg of cortef and I'm hoping to hold there until I see the doctor July 12. He's thinking I might need to try to get more thyroid med in my system again.

thanks again for your kind message - so glad you're feeling great - do take care of the swelling!!!!!


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