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[QUOTE=bittygirl;3078823]Do I have addisons disease? [/QUOTE]

Hi BittyGirl,

Most Endos in my part of the country do not think too much of saliva tests. Perhaps yours will, however, the standard of care for most Endocrinologists utilizes blood work to make the determination of whether Addison's Disease is present. In addition, most endos do not recognize "adrenal fatigue." The recognize primary and secondary adrenal failure, not the "grey states."

I'm not saying the Endocrinology standards are right. In fact, they have been a source of frustration for many people.

There are some objective signs of certain forms of adrenal failure that can be seen on physical examination, but the most conclusive testing at present, for Endos anyway, is an ACTH stim test, also known as a Synacthen or Cortrosyn challenge.

But many endos will screen first with an AM cortisol & chem panel, looking at your sodium & potassium levels. Unless the AM cortisol is fairly low, and/or the electrolytes are screwed, and/or a patient has definite signs on physical exam, the doc usually won't order the more expensive challenge test.

You can search this Addison's forum for more info on the challenge test & its interpretation. There are numerous posts.

In true Addison's Disease (which I'm not saying you have), T3 thyroid supplementation, such as is contained in Armour, IS usually contraindicated [U]until [/U]cortisol levels are restored. So, one way to take a load off your adrenals is to be very careful with meds containing T3.

If you have low blood pressure & orthostatic intolerance -- lightheadedness on arising -- try a little extra salt, 1/8 tsp in juice or on food, a couple times a day. Do not do this if you have high blood pressure problems.

Best wishes.

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