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Hi again :)

I'm not sure if I have a thyroid problem, but it's definitely possible. My endo mentioned testing my thyroid. I'm still waiting for the results of my bloodwork to come back. I think the main thing they're testing is my cortisol level. Then I suppose whatever the tests show, we'll go from there.

I don't know much about hypothyroidism. What are the symptoms of it? The main problems I've been having (other than the high testosterone levels) are irregular periods, annoying facial hair, high blood pressure, fatigue, and dizziness (like when I get hungry). Do you have any of these symptoms as well? In addition to high testosterone, I have elevated DHEA levels too.

Haven't heard of the adrenal saliva test...seems like all they want to do is stick me with needles ;)

Hope things go well for you...keep me updated!

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