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Hello. I have a question .... I just had a Random Blood Cortisol Test done this past Tuesday. The doctor was checking to see if I could possibly have Addison's Disease. She called me today and told me that my Cortisol level was not below normal. She told me that my Cortisol Level was 35. Is 35 within normal limits does anyone know? I had the blood drawn at about 10:00 AM. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could answer this for me. Thank you!
35 is high. Technically, there is not a refrence range for 10 am. They also vary a bit from lab to lab, but ******* uses a range of 4.3 - 22.4 ug/dL for 8 am. Esoterix uses a range of 8.0 - 19.0 ug/dL for a normal 8 am reading. The refrence ranges are 8 am, 4 pm, and midnight. In normal people, the 8 am has the highest reading of the day. This is what helps everyone get up and go. At 4 pm, it should be about half of the morning number. At midnight, it should be 0 or nearly 0.

Are you on steroids? If not, do you have signs of Cushing's? Have you had your cortisol drawn at other times of the day as well?

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