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I have been taking prednisone for a month and a half now (down to 5 mg) to treat Addison's disease and am now looking for a longer term plan. I feel great on the prednisone but have heard it can have ill effects in the long term. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like to hear other opinions besides the doctor's.

i also take florinef.

p.s. For anyone who is interested, the only side effects i've had with prednisone are slight weight gain ( a good thing in my case, as i went undiagnosed for a while), a little bit of sweating, and less body hair.
Hi Reemu!

Are you taking any supplements at all? Long term wise, you need to supplement your body with Vitamin D and Calcium, as the Prednisone causes a depletion of the absorbtion of calcium, thus weakening bones and eventually causing osteoporosis. Prednisone also decreases the immune system, so Vitamin C daily is very beneficial. I also take DHEA as more recent research has shown that adrenal insufficient people are also DHEA insufficient. DHEA has a lot of benefits to the hair, skin, mood, and sense of well being which can be robbed from us at times. Don't know what I would do without the DHEA! I also take another supplement, but some reason this website does not allow me to talk about it! :) Anyways, before I started taking all these supplements, my AD was quite out of control. It has taken me a while to figure all this out, but all these, with a high amount of salt intake, keeps me level! :)

Hope that helps! Here's to better health for you!
MaryAnn :wave:
I guess i'm interested in hearing about people who have taken both (cortef / prednisone) and have a preference - although it sounds more and more like it will be personal trial and error.
[QUOTE=reemu;3089747]I guess i'm interested in hearing about people who have taken both (cortef / prednisone) and have a preference - although it sounds more and more like it will be personal trial and error.[/QUOTE]

I have only taken Cortef but am very pleased with the results. I feel so much better although have gained a lot of weight. I am now back to the weight I was 2 years ago. I have read that it isn't the medication but me eating too much. I am also taking Florinef and DHEA. With the combination of the three I am feeling so good again. I took prednisone years ago but don't recall exactly what for. I do remember my neck swelling from it. My father was on it for a few years (he had emphazema) and at the end of his life his bones were so brittle they would break when he rolled over in bed. Calcium is a MUST! Please make sure no matter what you take that you also supplement with calcium for your bones.

I am feeling so good again that I just hope and wish that all of you out there with Addisons are getting what you need to be where I am at!

I have been sick a lot with flu, cold, strep since my diagnosis in Feb. and starte to feel sorry for myself the last time. I was in the ER for dehydration from the flu and one week later got a cold. My sister told me to stop my whining she had heard enough. (she was joking) It made me laugh and I realized how far I had come since nearly dying in February and I wasn't going to let a cold kick my butt. I am doing so well.
According to my endo, cortef also causes bone loss for the long term. (which I'm already showing signs of...grrr....) but to agree with everyone else - take your calcium supplments and vitamin d! I prefer cortef to prednisone - less immediately acting side effects.

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