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Cortisol Question
Jul 23, 2007
Hi :):wave:
Im a newbie and although you have probably had 101 questions from new people I didnt knwo where else to ask :confused: pleeeeeease:D

I have some sort of autoimmune disease, but the docs cant tel me what as yet. It has been going onm for years, and is a lot of symptoms that just seems like nothing.

I recently had some further testing done and there were only a few things that appeared that were strange, one being the cortisol levels.

Now they were done at 11am, so a little late. But they showed my levels at 77 nmol/L. Which I believe is below what they should be at any time?

My other tests that were abnormal werent really to do with this, infact they indicate possible PCOS, so nothing to do with aderenal glands! lol
They are :
boarderline type 2 diabetes? - low glucose:insulin ratio
CRP (? c-reactive protein I think) was at 5 mg/L
the others were my SHGBs and my free androgens which relate to female stuff and PCOC

So is my cortisol level low and should I follwo it up? my doc retired as she has thyriod cancer :( so no one is now following anything up)

The only other things I have I guess, are constant neck and shoulder pain severly, dark patches on my knees and elbows, weight gain that I cant lose (PCOS can cause that), sick all the time, dizzy, low blood pressure, headaches, migraines, nausea, bowel issues. I also developed an arrythmia suddenly a few years back.

I think thats it, do you think I should find a new doc a do further testing or is it normal that the cortisol at this time of day can be that low?

Oh and mt ANA (autoimmune marker) is very highish, I think it was around 700? where as normally it would be around 10? or something I think?? I cant recall, all the figures make my head spin!

Oh and I was told when I was a teen that I had adrenal burnout?? lol as I took too mcuh ginseng for too long, and I lost that fight or flight thing in accidents etc, was like a zombie for a few months, but it dissapeared after a while so I think it was all hogwash ;)

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