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Re: Sodium Safety?
Jul 31, 2007
[QUOTE=rumpled;3126334]Usually if you have brown spots - that is called hyperpigmentation. I have that. I have a really high level of ACTH. Mine is over 1000. That is because my pit tumor is still there and after my adrenals were removed, the pit tumor got very "happy" or maybe that is unhappy and started to pump it out. If the tumor gets big, it is called Nelson's syndrome. People with addison's get the hyperpigmentation too and also will find themselves tan as well.
So you can have salt and have a built in tan! Watch when the lab takes your ACTH. It has to be in a lavender tube, at 8am , fasting, and spun immediately and then frozen to be accurate. If the sample is left in the tube too long at room temp, the ACTH degrades and your result will be lower than it really is! Some labs are good but I have to scream at mine! Good labs start with a chilled tube. Renin, another adrenal test, is just as fussy if not more so. That test is necessary for judging how much florinef you need. Hard when the labs constantly mess up the tests.[/QUOTE]

interesting! of course, that means you have to keep your eyes open when your blood is being taken. the labs haven't found some kind of shortcut for this yet ?

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