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Sodium Safety?
Jul 25, 2007
Hi All,,,been trying to figure this one out. Till I go to the Endo. next month, doc wants me to keep eating my salt! Cool however I am alarmed at the amount I can eat and not get "pickled". Since I am too thin I am not worried about weight gain and I grab a bag of microwave popcorn at least once a day and munch on it. I CRAVE the salt,,and yet my sodium still can drop to 125! Too low and when it gets that low I feel horrible,,,and now at least I know why! Is all this salt safe to eat on the other organs? I do not grab the "healthy" popcorn but the "movie theater" kind. Even though been doing this for a long time I still have very low cholesterol which I find odd too. Any experience on this with you all? Thanks.

Sherry Lynn
Re: Sodium Safety?
Jul 28, 2007
[QUOTE=k_c_lady;3123358]I could have written the original post!!! I dip my movie lovers popcorn in to kosher salt!! Yummy! I crave salt as well. Even with the meds. I am taking 0.1 florinef, and it really didn't help! Oh well! I enjoy eating salt! It's kinda like smoking (which I do not smoke), I get pleasure out of it!! I am always looking at labels to see if it is high in sodium. So funny! I feel sorry for those people out there that have to watch their sodium intake.

I also do not like drinking soda. I never have. I think that is strange that we are no pop drinkers! I haven't tried V8 in years, and didn't like it then. I might have to try it now as an adult. The last time I had my cholesterol checked, everything was low. My BP is always low. Before being diagnosed, I would get dizzy & almost blackout b/c my BP was so low. But it has gotten much better with my "drugs!"

sherrylynn65, wow! You live in Ohio too! I live in Columbus. Who do you see for your endo? I really like mine. I go to Ohio State Medical Center, they are wonderful over there. They have really gone the extra mile for me. When I was diagnosed, my doctor in the hospital really took the time and explained our illness to me & my husband very well.


Hi Neighbor!

Dang,,,we could car pool and share a bag of popcorn! Whooo hooo. LOL. I live in Delaware. My doc is sending me to an endo. at Riverside. Orig. was going to send me to OSU but being a little country girl I am a bit nervous of driving downtown. But believe me,,,if I don't get help from this endo,,,off I am to OSU. Better to face the fear and live!

I am being looked at for being some kinda "hyper..." and actually after being told for past few years that I had "fibro" I am the one who brought this adrenal thing to doc's attn. after again landing in the ER with scary for no reason blood readings (sodium being down to 125 and a few other odd things). I went to the doc the next week and told him my suspicion's and he took off with the idea which he then ordered a bit more extensive blood work. Ta Da,,they were odd! All this after a bone scan indicated osteopina (or however it is spelled) and at 42 that is odd (moderately severe). I ain't crazy after all! Whooo hoooo,,,just odd! ;)

We should start a meeting around here. Is that allowed on here? I am new on here so forgive me if I break a rule.

Sherry Lynn

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