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If you have Addison's you need more than Florinef. You need cortisol replacement in the form of Cortef or Prednisone. Once you get on this medication, your symptoms should improve rapidly. It sounds like your doctor doesn't know what s/he is doing. Florinef is only one piece of the puzzle.
when i was diagnosed they started me off on intramuscular injections of hydrocortisone, and the next day i started taking prednisone and florinef orally. 3 days later i felt almost 100% better.
You need cortef or a steroid. Florinef only replaces the mineral corticorsteroids and is not all of what you need but a portion and maybe not even the portion that you need.
Cortef or any form of generic hydrocortsone is more like what the body produces naturally and is "easier" on the body. It is a short acting steroid that will give your body some down time just like your body naturally cycles and normally you would take a larger dose in the morning, for example, 15-20mg, and then a smaller dose in the afternoon around 2-4pm of about 5-10mg. However, some people do better on prednisone. It is longer acting so people feel that they are less fatigued, however, as it does not let the body have the natural rhythm, there may be potentially more risk to the bones (osteoperosis).

Florinef is used to help regulate the blood pressure as addison's is a salt wasting disease. You may not be able to hold on to salt and the amount of florinef you need will have to be adjusted per you sodium, potassium, renin and aldosterone levels. If your blood pressure is low, you may need more, if high, less.

With any of the steroids you take, you need to find what works for you and take what you need and not too much more or you will give yourself Cushing's syndrome via the steroids. You may also find that you will have to vary the amount you take with the amount of activity you do and you will always need to have extra in your presciption to account for adding for a fever, not feeling well, etc. You also need to ask your doctor about an injectible form for emergencies. Your doctor did not appear to give you the correct medication nor enough information for keeping you healthy. Also the incorrect doses will cause a lot of weight gain.

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