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I am curious about the relationship between adrenal fatigue and weight gain/inability to lose weight.

I have had numerous hypometabolic symptoms for going on three years...fatigue, inability to lose weight (gained 20 lb in 3 months when this first started), puffy face in the mornings, dizziness when standing, muscle weakness, joint pain, lower back pain, low heart rate, low body temp (morning basal body temp ranges from 96 to 97.1), etc.

Finally, a couple of months ago it was discovered (via a saliva test) that my cortisol levels were low. I was referred to an endo who ran additional blood work. My cortisol came back in the normal range but on the low side. My ACTH, however, was unproportionally high which, my endo says, points to weakened adrenals. I'm scheduled for an ACTH stim next Thursday so I should know more in the next couple of weeks.

Although almost all these symptoms fit adrenal fatigue to a tee. It's the rapid weight gain that I had early on and the subsequent inability to lose it that bothers me. I have read that folks tend to lose weight with low cortisol. Is that only with significant deficiencies of cortisol that rapid weight loss occurs?

It's possible my thyroid is also involved. I have heard that folks with adrenal fatigue often have hypothyroid as well. Problem is that my thyroid tests have always come back in the normal range. My TSH is always around 1 which, from what I understand is about perfect. My most recent Free T4 came in normal as well but on the low end (.9 with a reference range of .6 to 1.7). I have read that the optimal level for Free T4 should be in the upper end of the range.

I'll see if I can get my endo to take the thyroid into least run a more thorough panel.

However, in the meantime I was hoping to get some input from you all on the whole adrenal fatigue and weight gain issue.

Thanks in advance,
Alison :)

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