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Hi all! I found an endocrinologist who is interested in looking at a couple of labs I had done a year ago. One of them had a result of 2.10 and the other had a 9.? something or other. They were both done early in the morning and was wondering if there are any ranges that labs go by to determine what is overactive or underactive. The dope (or should I say doctor) who ordered them didn't seem to mind too much about the results; however I've had every test in the world since then and the specialist that I see now is very curious. My free t4 was at 0.7 exactly(thyroid) and don't know if this is still considered a low normal. I would be so appreciative if anyone has an idea about the test results. Thanks so much & happy glands--Hopeto--
Hi LadyFairHair--My tsh at that time(I was a smoker then) was 3.01 and it has gone as high as 3.65. I recently was checked and it's something like 2.60 or something and so it's considered normal, but the tsh again is 0.7. I have heard that that is a low normal and I think it is, but it's not low enough for any of these specialists to treat it. I will go one for the next 20 years like this and will never be treated because I'm so "normal". What do people do that go one like this? Keep taking psych meds because they alter the thyroid and other glands? There ought to be a law! Every lab has a different reference range and you're at their mercy. People keep telling me to lose weight and I'm sick of it. No matter what I do, I do not lose readily. I starve myself and don't lose. I exercise and walk and don't lose. You just get sick of doing the right things and nothing works. Even with the new guy, it's still frustrating and the writing will be on the wall that it's purely depression and to stick with a psychiatrist. I know the drill very well. I should be used to it but you never are really. They just keep giving you stuff to help relax you or lift your mood, and granted if you've felt like this for years, you'd be depressed, too. Oh well...I'll just keep plugging along. Thanks so much for your caring and thoughts--Hopeto--

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