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Hi Ive just had my follow up with my endo-well it was terrible, he was so disinterested. I was referred to him in March where he seemed like he was actually trying to help me. I explained my symptoms:
-fatigue that is worsening (its not constant-just gets worse when i wake up, exercise and during the afternoons)
-BMI 16 and struggle to gain weight
-anxiety for nonspecific things, I cant get rid of it and its getting me down
-increased urination, I put that down to anxiety but im not so sure now as it is usually a good amount and it is that i need to go
-am much weaker now
-lack energy and have less stamina
-feel light headed when ive been standing for along time or when ive been walking around alot
-semi fainting (my vision goes blurred then fuzzy/see white floating spots then blackness)
-low blood sugar, feel it in the mornings and when ive been exercising
-hair is much thinner and comes out easily
-intolerent to cold espec hands

On fist visit he ordered these tests:
-fbc, iron studies, coeliacs test, thyroid, u+e's, lft's
-a 72 hour fast test was ordered

Well I dont really know why the 72 hour fast was ordered however the test was done but there were so many errors it was unbelievable. Anyway some of the low results were missed, not done on time etc could go on! Endo seemed to only focus on insulin and the pancreas as a cause of low blood sugar completly dismissing the fact that the controled test was not that at all and seems disinterested to look further, so far has suggested that could be reactive hypoglycemia. Im just concerned if he is dignosing on something that isnt giving the whole puicture.
Ive heard that other hormones such as cortisol can cause problems with blood sugar not just insulin! Ive seen some of the results of the blood tests taken there a few that were out of range -
albumin (high,-51 ? dehydration and i drink alot)
ferritin (low - 8)
calcium (a bit high - 2.61)
total protein (a bit high-85)
GFR (high-87-81-89)
urea (general trend is increasing-3-3.1-4.1-4.5)
platlets (general trend is increasing-337-340-371)
lymphocytes abs (general trend decreasing-1.7-1.2)
monocytes abs (top end-0.7-0.6)
neuts abs (highish-4.3-8.7-7.2)
eos abs (trend decreasing-0.1-0)
sodium (trend up and down-139-143-139)
potassium (trend down and up-4-5-4.2-4.4)
had a single serum cortisol done just over 7 months ago -590 (maybe 5.9?)dont know the units, but im feeling much worse now than i was then yet the endo just took one look at it and said its fine, rules out addisons etc!

What do you think? I really dont know what to do, it makes you feel like it is in your head but then you have a bad day and it confirms that its not. Its like if your bloods arnt totally out and that your in the normal range theres nothing wrong with you! I just dont feel fine- its like im banging my head on a brick wall- I feel like giving up! Have any of you struggled to get a diagnosis and get listened to? Please post back, Thanks.

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