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[QUOTE=gettin' better;3206607]Hi Jen
Time for a new doctor! Many of us have been blown off by a number of doctors before finally getting someone who would listen, be proactive, and come up with a diagnosis. I would say that you should be tested for Addison's (ACTH stimulation test), and yes, low cortisol can cause low blood sugar. It was one of my main symptoms. Good luck in finding someone who will listen to you.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your reply, it helps to know that im not the only one struggling! You say that low blood sugar was one of your main symptoms- was it fasting or reactive hypoglycemia?
Also are you saying that the endo shouldnt really have rulled out addisons on the basis of a random cortisol level that is over 7 months old (and i felt better then than i do now)?
Please post back, thanks.

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