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Are you very thin?
I ask as well, I had very very variable cortisol readings and a loss of diurnal rhythm (low in morning, high at night) and I had cyclical pituitary Cushing's.
I literally failed many sleep tests as I would not go into REM as cortisol would rise - however, I would not hit highs on most blood or 24 hour urine tests as my average was so low...
It was only when a doctor let me test over 10 hours, 10pm to 8am that it showed that all my highs were overnight.
I was not overweight for many years, but then suddenly gained and gained and gained until I doubled my body weight. Due to my cycles, it took 12 years to convince a doctor that I was ill on paper! I ended up being so sick that I am now permanently disabled.
I am also vitamin D deficient, low ferratin, and have thyroid problems.
I understand the concern about starting on Isocort before getting tested. I'm going to be talking to the dr about getting ACTH, serum cortisol, and DHEA tested prior to starting any type of adrenal support. I'm sure he's going to have input one way or another and he's the one dr I'll listen to. :D

According to the chart that came along with the saliva test results, it looks like I hardly have any circadian rhythm at all. Its almost a flat line. I suspect, rather than having borderline AF, I'm more likely in stage 3. The wellness center I go to has recently changed their testing company to the one that most folks use and I think I'll do my 24-hour saliva tests again. This time including DHEA.

Even when I was on the Armour, my FTs were still below midrange, although TSH was "perfect" between 1-2. When I'm finally well enough to start on it again, I'll see how it goes and maybe add either T3 or T4, depending on what the test results are. Problem with all this stuff is, even when you have all the tests in your hot little hand, proper dosing is still a trial-and-error process.

In addition to the saliva testing, I've also done the flashlight test (pupils look like they're singing - oOoOoOoOo) and my positional blood pressure dips 20 points. I've added celtic sea salt to my diet and its helping to avoid those dizzy spells/blackouts when getting up. Am still having some trouble with the shakes from time to time and am working on eliminating all refined sugar and flour from my diet. That's going pretty good so far, but there's still room for improvement. Caffeine is currently my crutch and will probably continue as such until I can get some kind of adrenal support.

How did you do an overnight cortisol test? I'm assuming it was a saliva or urine test?

Thanks again for all your input and I look forward to hearing from you. :)

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