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I did a 24-hour cortisol saliva test back in May. Been kinda neglecting this issue due to other things being more urgent to deal with (like thyroid stuff, low ferritin, and vit D deficiency). Anyway, here are my results:

6am - 2.95 (1.0-8.0)
12pm - .18 (.5-2.5)
4pm - .68 (.2-1.3)
11pm - .17 (.1-.6)

The test results came back with a dx of Borderline Hypocortisolism. As you can see, my cortisol takes a nosedive around noon, which is, not surprisingly, when I feel an overwhelming urge to take a nap (give or take an hour each way). I'm seeing a holistic MD and not currently taking any meds for the AF. Now this is where it gets funky and would appreciate any input from you folks.

My dr said that, due to my vit D deficiency, he wants me to spend 15 minutes each day out in the sun with no sunscreen (in addition to taking 2000IU of vit D daily). According to him, this would increase the amount of melatonin(?) I produce, thereby helping me to sleep better (I sleep very lightly and have reverse insomnia - wake up at obscene hours of the morning) and, thereby raising my cortisol level. Now while this makes sense in a roundabout kind of way, I've been doing a lot of reading and haven't found this info anywhere else.

Do any of you have any input on this theory?
Are you very thin?
I ask as well, I had very very variable cortisol readings and a loss of diurnal rhythm (low in morning, high at night) and I had cyclical pituitary Cushing's.
I literally failed many sleep tests as I would not go into REM as cortisol would rise - however, I would not hit highs on most blood or 24 hour urine tests as my average was so low...
It was only when a doctor let me test over 10 hours, 10pm to 8am that it showed that all my highs were overnight.
I was not overweight for many years, but then suddenly gained and gained and gained until I doubled my body weight. Due to my cycles, it took 12 years to convince a doctor that I was ill on paper! I ended up being so sick that I am now permanently disabled.
I am also vitamin D deficient, low ferratin, and have thyroid problems.

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