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Cortef Side Effects
Sep 18, 2007
I have hashimotos thyroid disease with adrenal fatigue. I am on thyroid meds and just recently went from 15mg cortef to 25mg. I am also taking Isocort 12mg. I still have some shakiness and muscle fatigue, though I am so much better than when I was on Isocort alone. Still cannot work out much or do anything really stressfull. Since I increased the Cortef, I have gained 10 pounds and my legs swell every day. I thought it was my thyroid, but now believe it is the cortef doing it since it started around when I upped the cortef. I would like some alternative to the cortef. Can't take this weight gain and swollen legs. Though I know my adrenals are still not in the best of shape. Any ideas?

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