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[QUOTE=pipurrcat;3298559]thanks, i was considering going to another specialist . we now have discovered that she also has graves disease. hyperthyroid with the addisons. she was initially diagnosed with hypothyroid and was prescribed meds for it and then her thyroid went in the opposite direction. almost killing her. now she is on 12 meds aday just for the thyoid to shut it down. she doesnt sleep with all the meds. the poor kid is going crazy. she also was diagnosed with bipolar but the doctors said that the high thyroid may be causing alot of her behavioral problems.:dizzy:[/QUOTE]

PLEASE KNOW I CARE. I am so sorry for what your daughter is going through. I have suffered with crazy endocrine problems and all the meds and their side effects for years. At this time I no longer have a pituitary gland. There are two things of which I want to make you aware. The first is that there is a condition known as Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN). There are two types and it is generally hereditary. With two diagnoses, adrenal and thyroid, you must urge her doctors to do complete batteries of metabolic and challenge testing. Second, my initial diagnosis was Cushing's disease ( a tumor of the pituitary gland). One can also get cushings from having an adrenal tumor or from taking too many replacement corticosteroids, e.g., prednisone, cortisone, cortef, etc. Psychologists have long known that there is a relationship between levels of corticosteroids and mood. They seem fixated on trying to figure out whether it is a chicken or egg issue. :jester: What I have learned for myself is that bi-polar meds do not help regulate my corticosteroid metabolism. In fact I was first put on them last spring, and I have never been so wigged out. I too have times when my body wants to sleep all day and stay up all night. I try to keep a normal sleep/wake schedule, but it is hard. I find that a good jolt of coffee and some exercise (throwing my dog her ball) helps me wake up in the morning. My advice is to encourage her, and especially those around her, to do whatever it takes between dr, appointments to be as relaxed as possible. Find a hobby, reading, music, stitching, and learn meditation. Her feelings are likely to be very tender because of her body's constant state of disregulation. My heart goes out to her and I hope we can stay in touch. God loves you and your daughter and is making you stronger through these trying times. Things will get better, but please assure your daughter she does NOT have a mental defect. She has a poorly understood illness which has emotional ramifications. Tonight my prayer that all of the love in the world will caress her in the coming months.:angel:

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