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I am a 33 year old male. I ordered a home saliva "stress" test because of recurring fatigue, joint/muscle aches, anxiety, insomnia, lower libido.

My cortisol is low-normal and DHEA well above normal. Could this be signs of adrenal fatigue (headed for Addison's), or more likely an adrenal tumor (or worse, cancer)?

I am taking my results to a doctor, but I wanted to know what to expect. Any insight is appreciated.

what if your cortisol is low and on grandulars, on testosterone injections, and dhea is high. What is that a sign of

i noticed you posted on this thread in 2005 - any progress? I have very similar symptoms and I'm looking for a diagnosis.

I'd love to know how your search went.


I've got 2 ACTH Stim tests that can't hit the magic "20", elevated ACTH, low & "flat-lined" 24-hour saliva Cortisol panel, but my DHEA(s) lab was high (461 on a 110-370 scale).

If it was a Primary AI issue, wouldn't you expect the DHEA to be low as well?

Or, is this a Congenital Adrenal Hyper/Hypo-plasia thing where one of the steroid systhesis pathways are interrupted b/c the enzymes are not able to convert precursor->product?

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