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heres my saliva tests
7-8am 6 depressed(13-24)
11-noon 9 normal (5-10)
4-5pm 7 normal (3-8)
11-mid.2 normal(1-4)
cortisol burden 24 (23-42)

DHEA 4(3-10)

been on isocort since the 27th of sep,jus on 2-3 pellets 1,1,and another 1 if i need it so 1 am,1 afternoon,1 late afternoon,,,,im gettin conflicking stories my labs areant that bad(i also have hyppthyroidism and high RT3 was on armour had to stop),,CAN I JUS take isocort were my adrenal is depressed?or do i have to do full replacement?i hear diff storys that if i take morning itll make it higher the rest then i hear if i take morning itll makw the rest lower,,and i plan on starting t3 only treatment so gotta make sure they can take the t3(adrenals)im so confused please help thanks

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