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Addison's Disease Board Index here are the basics. I am a 33 year old woman with one child who is 3. I will list my symptoms:

[B]List of long term symptoms:[/B]

Hx of Anxiety, SVT, Depression, Irritability, PVCs and PACs and Fatigue
(Anxiety, Tachycardia and Palpitations controlled with Klonopin and Metoprolol)

Allergies seasonal

Highly sensitive in general to EVERYTHING (mosquito bite gets huge and red everything seems exaggerated)

[B]Symptoms since having child (3 years ago):[/B]

Heavy periods with clotting
Irregularity in periods
Breast tenderness
Major bloating in abdomen and chest prior to period
Low BP
Mood Swings
Brain Fog
Very low energy levels
Increasingly severe fatigue
Insomnia (recent)
Hot Flashes (recent)
Increased Irritability
Increase in headaches sinus type
Body aches
Exercise Intolerance
Extreme difficulty losing extra 20lbs all around waist and breast area

The very worst part is my extreme fatigue.

I have taken a ton of tests in the past month and my Dr said I was fine - probably have PMDD and to take Lexapro. I did not like that answer as I felt it was false. I knew this was physical.

I spoke to a woman who runs a pharmacy in town. She deals with a lot of hormonal issues and is a nutrionist and pharmacist. She saw the results of all of my tests and said I definatly have adrenal fatigue. We have spoken for hours over the past week. My cortisol result was 7 at 10am. She said that was way too low - especially for that time of day.

She gave me supplements to take and I am VERY worried about taking them due to my history of anxiety and tachycardia. I will list the ingredients:

Liquid Formula #1[/B]

Vitamin B12 400 mcg
Magnesium 100 mg
Rhodiola Crenulata
Taurine 1000 mg
Rhodiola Rosea 250 mg

[B]Liquid Formula #2[/B]

********** 200 mg
Tropical Fruit Blend 200 mg including:

Do I have anything to worry about with these ingredients?? I am very afraid of taking new things - especially herbals.

Please please - any advice, suggestions, stories - PLEASE share.

Thank you!!

I do know that Taurine will help with the helps regulate the heart. I took it for years. No problems.
I have read your original post to this which was three years ago almost. I read that and thought wow that is me to a TEE! At the time you were 33 with a three year old, anxiety with tachycardia etc. Currently I am 34 with a three year old and I too have anxiety and had tachycardia, now with adrenal fatigue and a majority of all the symptoms you listed below.

I am curious how you are feeling now almost three years later on the list of supplements that you are taking and listed below?
Your symptoms are almost exactly like mine. The brain fog was because I was given all kinds of medicine to treat my symptoms, but when they found out I had secondary adrenal insufficiency caused by Advair and Nasonex, my doctor took me off of a lot of the meds. I take Bystolic and another med for my high blood pressure and fast heart rate. They will try to keep me on just Bystolic soon.

I also can't work right now because I have had spine and rotator cuff surgery in the past year, and I have no stamina. I can't exercise, take stressful situations, or any loud noises. They say it will take a year to get better, but I will never have the stamina I used to have. But at least there is hope.

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