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My symptoms were very similar to yours. It took the my doctor 10 years to find out I had Addisons disease. It took me almost passing out behind the wheel of a car on the expressway. Mine started out very minimal maybe once a year I would get symptoms, then it became more frequent. Over a period of about 6 months I went to having symptoms once a month to daily. I couldn't even get out of bed because the vertigo was so bad and then I would start vomiting. I lost alot of weight from no appetite. I would ask the doctors to do an adrenal hormone test. ACHT to see where your levels are at. Also have them check your pituitary gland. I hope this helps and maybe if they did these tests, they would find out one way or the other. [QUOTE=thinbrownline;3243450][FONT="Arial"][SIZE="3"][FONT="arial"]I have been sick for many years. It has been getting worse over the past 5 years and the last year has been horrible. I have gone to several drs. I have been given various migraine drugs and psych drugs (because it's in my head, I have PTSD or I just have "anxiety")
In researching my symptoms I found that what I have closely resembles hypoglycemia. Upon researching hypoglycemia I read about Addison's. The things that struck me were the hyperpigmentation and the possible link to brain surgery or brain trauma. 20 years ago I had brain surgery in the left frontal area as a result of a congenital defect called AVM. About a year ago I developed a thin brown line around my lips and more recently noticed a light reddish brown cluster of spots on my chest. I could not really find any info on what the hyperpigmentation looks like so I don't know if it's related to Addison's. Below is the list of symptoms that I have given to my dr.
Am I on the right track in suspecting Addison's? I am desperate. I can't live like this much longer. I'm sure I have mental issues (I had some traumatic events occur in the past) but I KNOW this is a physical disease that I'm battling. My family is sick of it, my doctors won't do anything past the usual blood tests and I'm starting to lose hope.

Info Given to 2 different doctors

[U]Symptoms that are worse when I feel sick[/U]
feeling of rapid heart beat
hollow feeling in stomach (differs from hunger)
muscle pain (particularly in the lower back, buttocks and top of thigh area)
clammy palms
low tolerance for noise, aggravation, people in general
feeling dehydrated
dizziness (have fainted a few times)
difficulty concentrating (can no longer read books, starting to have trouble concentrating on TV programs when feeling particularly bad), recall, spelling (brain surgery?)
ravenous hunger or complete lack of hunger (usually the former)

Other symptoms[/U]
random stomach pains
occasional hot flashes
occasional tingling of hands/feet
feeling cold when others are comfortable
memory lapses (brain surgery?)
visual problems (floaters, blurry vision, dry eyes, difficulty focusing)
dry mouth
itchy skin
general feeling of mental fogginess and physical illness
intolerance to alcohol
intolerance to hormone birth control (tried 4 different types of the pill, norplant)
recently (within last year) developed brown rim around lips and light reddish brown spots on chest
ocassional weakness (knee will give out or I will drop something that I felt that I had a good grip on)

The illness is cyclical but does not follow any pattern that I can see. It gets worse before and during the first few days of my period but it also occurs at other times during the month. It is often worse when I am stressed but not always. The days when I am sick the pattern is always similar. The days when I feel bad the physical symptoms feel almost flu like and the mental symptoms feel like I am not right, like I'm wobbling on a narrow precipice.
The days when I feel better I almost always have slight fatigue, rapid heart beat and slight shakiness but I am free of the extreme nausea, extreme fatigue, muscle pain and headache. The symptoms are getting worse over time. I have fewer good days and the symptoms are getting worse, especially the muscle pain. [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE="3"][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

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