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Addison's board has been recommended to me by Midwest1. Since my RAI in 1999 my main issue appears to be that no matter what dose or type of Thyroid medicine I cannot reach a dose that makes me well without severe symptoms. I found a doctor that did the basal, metabolic testing and after a saliva test (depressed 8am,11am,-5pm,11 pm normal)(DHEA was within normal reference zone) found my cortisol was low. He started me on Armour (Thyrolar was not available) and when I first took the Isocort (4-3-1) within 3 days I felt good. After that it was all down hill. Even though I reached 90mg(1.5 grains) of Armour I had severe headaches, fatigue, worse body aches, difficulty swallowing, etc. When I went up to 105mg(1.75 grains) I felt STONED all day. The doctor changed my Isocort to 5-4-1. Still sick, still STONED. He lowered the dose to 2-1-1. I went back to 1.5 and still sick. At this point I had been on the Isocort for approximately 8 weeks. At one point I stopped the Isocort concerned that maybe I wasn't low. I went back up to 105mg(1.75 grains) and this time had migraines. I took another saliva test and was again low (8am,11am,5pm depressed - 11pm normal)(DHEA low reserves). The second test was after stopping Isocort for a week. After the new results the doctor suggested we start out with 2-1-1. Became sick right away. At his suggestion I tried 1-1 had severe headache all day. The last time I only took the small dose for a few days. Is there an adjustment period when taking Isocort? or do I have a problem with Isocort brand?? or do I not need it? If I do not need it why do my numbers get worse? -DHEA reading and Cortisol Saliva test??

At this time I am on Thyrolar and Cytomel. In the morning I take T3 - 9mcg, T4 -37.5mcg plus Cytomel T3-10mcg. In the afternoon I take Thyrolar T3 -12.5mcg, T4- 25mcg. The one consistant thing throughout these years is that I always feel better in the evening. Even if it is for a few minutes. Why??? Please help!!! I can no longer function to work. Appreciate all thoughts and suggestions.

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