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I posted this in thyroid section, but I think it makes more sense to post here

I'm 21 years old and feel 81 to be honest, every day is a struggle, I've been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for the past 8 years, probably triggered by a move from my homeland, the stress of losing everything pushed me overboard, I became withdrawn, serious panic attacks, doing poorly in school, barely socializing, this was at 12, couple years ago I was under a lot of stress, crying every day, grades slipping, I decided to go to a phychiatrist, diagnosed with social anxiety and depression, put on celexa, wasnt on it too long, couldnt afford it. Managed to work out a payment plan little later on, went to a different doc, given effexor and ativan, it helped with panic attacks, but physical symptoms were still present, extreme fatique, senstitivity to light, unable to concentrate, skin pigmentations, reccuring yeast infections, irregular periods, skin breaking out terribly especially around period, unable to retain heat, face feels numb, aching bones, I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning, pale, dark circles, increased irritability,anger, lack of motivation, zero sex drive.
The antidepressants made me very numb to the point where I felt like robot, I felt like there was something wrong with me and I was merely masking the problem with drugs. At this point I'm so worn out, the face looking back at me is more of a zombie then anything else, I dropped out of school and sleep all day.
I applied for a sliding scale and received the approval couple days ago, so I'm thinking of making an appoitment with endocrinologist and get tested for adrenal fatique or hypothyroidism, which seems to make the most sense, especially it being tied in with hormones and all.

what do you guys think
any advice would be greatly appriciate it.

I also wanted to add that I try to do everything to stay healthy, eat whole grains, fresh and often organic fruits abd vegetables, legumes, almonds, some meat, nothing fried, I dont like junk food, lots of water, try to walk 2 miles every day, go to the gym few times a week. Go to bed early, none of it helps though.

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