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Thanks Hardy.

Actually, the doctor confirmed that Quest screwed up on the urine metanephrines as well, by losing 75% of my urine. How incompetent. Gotta do it again.

The endo tends to think the problem is in my pituitary (some kind of autonomic dysfunction), and that my general malaise is the explanation for the heightened catecholamines. I had several concussive blows over the last 5 years, so I may have injured the pituitary. I will get an MRI in the next few days. Meanwhile, I start Synthroid for goiter/hypothyroidism, and in 2 weeks I start testosterone gel for my hypogonadism (likely a consequence of the pituitary dysfunction). Doc seems to think the Synthroid may help my elevated cortisol. I dont really understand how that could be, but I'm just going with the plan.

I'm gonna go to a cardio re the POTS. I have not had any near hypertensive events as of late. Just mild tachycardia and the orthostatic issues.

Thanks for your valuable insight.


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