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I have had most of the symptoms that you have and I am now on synthroid for my hypothyroidism as well as an adrenal supplement. These have helped, but there were still loose ends that seemed to be resolved. Constipation being one. My situation may be unique though, in that my constipation (over 20 years of it) was getting so bad that a month ago I started a colon cleanse and after 40 days on it I'm seeing results and I now know how necessary it was for me to get this done.
I can relate to your situation as my body temp has been as low as 96.2 at times and I think it even went lower than that. And like you my body temp would roller coaster. Sometimes a meal would bring it up and then it would go down again.
I know colon cleanses might not be for everyone, but for me it seems to be a necessary component to better health.
I sure hope you find the answers you need.
I also have found that once you've seen a doc to get your thyroid hormone tested, you may want to find a good naturopathic doctor to help with other issues such as adrenals and digestion.
I pray you'll get to the bottom of this.
Hello Chelle!
Have you gotten any relief from your coldness? Have you found the cause? You are the first person I have found that has my same symptons.

I am a 74 year old male and I have been having the same symptons as you are having for the past 3 and one half years! In 2003, I had prostate cancer that was treated with radiation. I got over that and then I had a heart attack in 2004. My coldness started after my heart bypass surgery in 2004. I stay in bed 90% of the time with several blankets on me and my room temperature at least 85 or more. I, like you, feel like I am freezing to death all the time. I get so cold that I can hardly stand it.I have been to 3 cardiologist, 2 endocrinologist, a rehumotologist and see my internal medicine doctor on a regular basis. I have had all kinds of blood test, MRIs, CT scan, and all these doctors can tell me is that they have never had a patient with my symptons. They do not know what to do. I am desperate for help. I only get out of the house to go to the doctor. I not only freeze all the time but I also sweat alot because of all the blankets I have on and my room temperature. I get my room so warm that my wife cannot stay in here for very long. My wife has posted on all the boards she can find. People are very sympathetic but no one has any clue other to say it could be my thyroids. That problem was ruled out by the endocrinologists.

What do your doctors say? I would be very interested to know what is wrong. Please keep us informed about your condition.
This sounds a lot like my girlfriend.

She will be fine for a few days at a time, sometimes weeks. Then she will get tired, which never seems odd. Then however, starts the tingling, heart pains, leg pains, arms etc etc. She has a persistent headache that is not localized. It's in her entire head.

Once this happens it's all about time. She will be in bed anywhere from a day to a week.

She spent a week in the ICU the first time while they ran *Every* test they could think of. They ended up diagnosing her with the flu. The test was positive for it, but she didn't have a fever.

If she tries to walk during these "episodes" she will pass out and hit the floor and wake up as she lands.

In the ICU her blood pressure got dangerously low as well as her heart beat, which is why they kept her there.

So after that ICU visit and 2 other Dr visits they are trying to play Pin the tail on the diagnosis and it's pissing me off.

SO now I am with everyone else here and desperately searching the net trying to find what seems to be a miracle cure.
I had that extreme coldness before I was put on prednisone and florinef. I would lie on the couch with piles of blankets, and my feet would still be cold to the touch. I still get very cold but not as severe or frequent as before. Much better now.

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