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[QUOTE=orion;3344825]It is very scary and every year several people die from undiagnosed adrenal problems.

I have secondary adrenal insufficiency caused by a pituitary tumor that ever so slowly cut off my cortisol over a 10 year period. It took me five years to get a proper diagnosis with every doctor telling me I was perfectly fine...which I was most definitely not. By the time I was diagnosed I was getting close to the end.

Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency are variable, random, and vague which makes it very hard to diagnose. Symptoms can be contradictory and seemingly unrelated especially if thyroid problem are also present. Only a provocative test can be conclusive, but only if the proper conditions are met for the test.[/QUOTE]

You are so correct about the contradictory part thyroid/adrenal.. They both cause the same exact symptoms so its hard to understand.. leaves one thinking well is it adrenal or the thyroid..
Now I if not mistaken you mention an ACTH stim test..
I was reading about this and it mentions that this is an insulin test..
Wouldnt this send someone into a hypogyclemic coma or something when one already suffers from low sugar?

One other question actually two.. Im sorry..
Do you remember what your cortisol levels were ranging before you actually got a proper diagnose? Also did your blood pressure run low?
Mine is hoovering around 96/60 laying down and when I do stand up it raises up to around 120/75-80
Thank you for your time.. Just trying to educate myself as much as I can..

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