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Dear Bugsmom,
Is your doctor an endocrinologist? 80 mg of hydrocortisone is a LOT. A normal dosage of hydrocortisone (Cortef) is 20 mg. Please go to [url][/url] and look for the normal cortisol levels daily. the numbers you quoted look too low. A morning cortisol should be somewhere around 15-25 (don't quote me on this - I haven't checked in a while) I have had addison's disease (secondary) for 3 years. When I had a .04 cortisol in the afternoon I was put in the hospital for addisonian crisis. The NADF has a lot of information and a lot of smart people you can email to get help. Doctor's do not know about addisons. There are two types: Primary and Secondary. With Secondary it has been caused by giving too much steroid (that is one way). The pituitary can't make enough ACTH to tell the adrenals to make cortisol. That is what I have. I take 5 mg of prednisone ( I didn't do well on cortef it caused me to hold fluid). Good luck.

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